Your Guide to Moving to Gloucester MA

A small town called Gloucester is about 45 minutes from Boston and is situated on the eastern coast of Massachusetts. There are so many reasons for your move to Gloucester MA. A few of the most stunning beaches in the world may be found in Gloucester, along with fresh seafood. Experience the best of New England’s natural splendor on the shore while taking part in land and sea excursions. Gloucester is teeming with award-winning dining establishments, boutiques, theaters, museums, boating, events, and festivals. Its downtown is also quite walkable. Living in Gloucester has a suburban feel, which can be nice for families looking for more space and a very good area to raise children. If you’re already considering moving to Gloucester MA, be sure to get in touch with reliable movers Gloucester MA who can help you make the process simple.

An essential guide to moving to Gloucester

Moving to a new city can be a big decision, but Gloucester is a great place to live. It ranks well in a combination of factors and diversity and truly has something for everyone. Gloucester’s overall livability score is above average.

A couple reading about reasons for moving to Gloucester MA
There are many reasons for moving to Gloucester MA

Climate in Gloucester

The one constant about the weather in this part of New England, like much of it, is changing. Gloucester has four distinct seasons, with hot, bright summers and icy winters, similar to New Hampshire’s climate. So if you are moving from NH to MA, it won’t take time to get used to weather in Gloucester. Due to its proximity to the ocean, Gloucester is particularly at risk for severe coastal storms and frequently has Nor’easter blizzards from November to March. What we’re trying to say: if this is your first time relocating to Gloucester, bring some snow boots and a shovel, and take advantage of every warm day you can!

Living expenses in Gloucester

The cost of living in Gloucester is more expensive than the national average when compared to other US regions. However, Gloucester’s costs are significantly more affordable when compared to Boston’s. For instance, renting in Gloucester costs around $300 less a month than it does in Boston.

If you’re wondering whether Gloucester is an affordable place to live, you should know that utility costs are 42% more than the national average, probably because cooling systems in the summer and heating systems in the winter are frequently required. Healthcare costs are high here as well, but the advantage of having access to some of the greatest healthcare providers in the nation makes the cost readily acceptable in the eyes of many residents. It’s vital to keep in mind that most locals travel to work and own two cars, so when planning your monthly budget, you’ll want to account for changing gas prices and maintenance expenditures.

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The cost of living in Gloucester is more expensive than the national average when compared to other US regions.

Working in Gloucester

Gloucester has a thriving local economy that is mostly based on the fishing sector and supported by regional tourism. Healthcare, manufacturing, and education are some of Gloucester’s additional leading industries. Although 70% of the local population is engaged in salaried jobs, 15% of people in the area are self-employed, which fosters a strong sense of entrepreneurship. The city has a lower unemployment rate than the state and the country as a whole, and job growth has been consistent year over year. You can be sure that there will be work for you in Gloucester. If you have already found a job in Gloucester, and you need to move, be sure you hire movers MA and they will offer you professional help.

Top Neighborhoods in Gloucester are one of the reasons for moving to Gloucester MA

Each of Gloucester’s communities has friendly neighbors, a low crime rate, top-notch schools, and a wide range of attractions. Here are some details on the most well-liked communities in Gloucester to make your property search a little bit simpler:
Downtown: Some of Gloucester’s most preferred flats are found in this area. This area also offers stunning seaside views and convenient access to major companies. The area is also quite walkable!
Riverview: Older buildings constructed between 1940 and 1970 make up the majority of the area’s real estate. The typical price of a property is $517,629, and the average rent is $1,931.
Annisquam: With a median home price of $586,246 in this area, it is more expensive than Gloucester as a whole. The neighborhood has a suburban, coastal feel with a mixture of old homes and tiny structures.

Schools in Gloucester

Despite being a very small city, Gloucester still has excellent schools, which is why people are moving to Gloucester MA.  The Gloucester Public School System, which has five elementary schools, one middle school, and one primary high school, educates students in the city. In any given year, Gloucester High School enrolls about 800 students in grades 9 through 12. The school provides a rigorous core curriculum in addition to chances for students to enroll in Advanced Placement classes and receive college credits. Also amazing compared to the national average of 26:1, GHS’s student-to-teacher ratio is merely 11:1. Many people decide on moving to Gloucester because of its school system and its closeness to many colleges and universities. If you are one of them and you currently live in NH, Preferred Movers NH can be of great assistance.

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Despite being a very small city, Gloucester still has excellent schools and great educational system.

Activities in Gloucester

In Gloucester, there is no lack of entertainment options! You can always find something to do in this vibrant city. It can be sailing in the bay or browsing the shops and galleries in the center. Stage Fort Park, the location of the founding colony in 1623, is one of our favorite sites to visit in Gloucester. There are two separate beaches in the park, along with sports fields and a lot of open space. Here, you can do everything from swimming to family picnics.

Enjoy your time in Gloucester

Once you relocate to the city of Gloucester, there are plenty of options waiting for you. Particularly if you are relocating from one of the larger cities, both in terms of school, employment, and life in general. Gloucester offers breathtaking seaside views and never-ending access to fresh seafood. The local economy is expanding, and the communities are peaceful and safe. You have no excuse not to consider moving to Gloucester MA, so do it now!