Why Retirees are Moving to Salisbury MA

Are you contemplating where to enjoy the well-earned tranquility of your retirement years? Look no further than the coastal gem of Salisbury in Massachusetts. With its picturesque landscapes, compelling history, affordable living, and vibrant community, Salisbury has become an attractive haven for retirees. As the town’s popularity among seniors continues to soar, moving to this peaceful corner of New England might be your best decision. To ensure your transition is smooth and hassle-free, consider partnering with Preferred Movers NH. It is a moving company that has helped many seniors as you move to Salisbury. Find out why retirees are moving to Salisbury and together, we can go on the journey toward the next fulfilling chapter of your life in this town.

The main reasons retirees are moving to Salisbury MA

Situated harmoniously between the tranquil currents of the Merrimack River and the bracing Atlantic Ocean, the town of Salisbury in Massachusetts has been steadily attracting retirees from near and far. With its tapestry of rich historical narratives and welcoming ambiance, this charming coastal retreat seamlessly merges the tranquility of a small town with the vibrancy of an active community.

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There are many reasons why retirees are moving to Salisbury

The unhurried pace of life in Salisbury is perfect for those who seek a serene escape from the bustling city environment. The town encourages a lifestyle where taking long, reflective walks along the beach, exploring local historical landmarks, and enjoying leisurely cups of coffee in cozy downtown cafes become regular affairs. It’s a place where you can truly take your time to soak in the pleasures of each day. Apart from its tranquility, seniors choose Salisbury as their destination for its:

  • affordability,
  • healthcare facilities,
  • outdoor activities,
  • cultural experiences,

The cost of living

The town’s overall cost of living is below the national average, with housing playing a significant role in this pleasant surprise. Accommodation in Salisbury offers a varied selection catering to diverse preferences and financial situations. Whether you are drawn towards the tranquility of a seaside condo, the coziness of a single-family home, or the sense of community in a retirement village, Salisbury has something to fit your needs. For instance, the median home price in Salisbury hovers around $380,000, significantly lower than the state’s median home price of approximately $450,000. This price difference becomes even more striking compared to the median home price in Boston, which is around $650,000. Rental prices in Salisbury also follow the trend of affordability. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is about $1,200, markedly lower than the Massachusetts average of $1,500.

Moreover, Massachusetts’s tax-friendly policies for seniors further sweeten the deal. Social Security retirement benefits are completely tax-free, offering a sizable relief for retirees. Plus, those who qualify for the circuit breaker tax credit could receive a credit of up to $1,150. So, all these benefits are reasons to contact movers Salisbury MA, and relocate there as a retiree. You will enjoy all the conveniences this town offers.

Healthcare facilities

Ensuring access to quality healthcare is vital for retirees when considering relocation. Salisbury is positioned favorably in this regard with proximity to numerous top-rated medical facilities providing comprehensive healthcare services. A mere 15-minute drive from Salisbury, Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport is a reputable medical center known for its wide array of services. From routine check-ups and preventative care to specialized treatments and surgical procedures, Anna Jaques Hospital’s team of experienced medical professionals is well-equipped to handle various health concerns.

Additionally, just half an hour away is the renowned Beth Israel Lahey Health in Peabody, a major healthcare hub in the region. This facility provides a broad spectrum of medical specialties, including cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, and a top-rated geriatric medicine department. This department focuses specifically on senior health. It offers specialized services such as memory disorder consultations and fall risk assessments, which are crucial for ensuring the well-being of older adults.

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You can easily engage in welcoming Salisbury community

Outdoor activities

Salisbury offers a plethora of outdoor activities for those who love nature. From Salisbury Beach State Reservation, perfect for beach walks and birdwatching, to Ghost Trail, a scenic trail for biking or walking, the town offers an ideal outdoor setting to stay active. Fishing and boating enthusiasts will appreciate the easy access to the Merrimack River and the Atlantic Ocean. And don’t forget about the town’s vibrant gardening scene – the Salisbury Garden Club is a fantastic way to meet like-minded residents and beautify your new surroundings.

If you want to stay active during your retirement, a move to Salisbury is a perfect solution. Don’t hesitate to organize an action as soon as possible, no matter where you live. For instance, if you plan on leaving New Hampshire, opt for packing services NH to finish moving preparations swiftly and efficiently and enjoy your new life in Salisbury as soon as possible.

Cultural experiences and events

Salisbury’s rich history, dating back to the early 17th century, is evident in its well-preserved architecture, historical sites, and museums. Visit the Salisbury Historical Society for a local history lesson. Or, take a leisurely walk through Bartlett Mall, a historic park in the Federal-style architectural district. Moreover, retirees can partake in numerous events and festivals held throughout the year. There is the annual Sea Festival of Trees or the Newburyport Literary Festival in the neighboring town. There’s always something happening to engage the community.

Also, Salisbury has a supportive and friendly community vibe. The Council on Aging offers numerous programs and resources for seniors, including wellness programs, social events, and lifelong learning opportunities. The Salisbury Senior Center is another hub for social activities and community engagement. So, if you have been wondering whether moving to this town is a good decision, now that you realize why retirees are moving to Salisbury, you know it is. Call movers MA and start your new moving adventure soon. You will enjoy living in Salisbury.

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Life in Salisbury is affordable, especially for retirees

Embrace a life full of possibilities

Whether you’re attracted by the affordable living, the abundance of nature, the rich history, or the friendly community vibe, the town of Salisbury offers retirees a rewarding lifestyle full of possibilities. Relocating in retirement is a major decision, but when you know why retirees are moving to Salisbury, you can start your new adventure in this coastal haven.