Why people move to and stay in New Hampshire

People in the USA are moving all the time. And there is one place that stands out. New Hampshire. This place attracts people a lot.  There are a lot of pros to this place. And we will discuss why people move to and stay in New Hampshire in the following text. Before we jump to that, we must remind you about the important fact. Movers. You should always consider hiring movers when you decide to come to or go from this place. There are a lot of reasons for this! And the most important is that you will have a stress-free move. One of the movers that you can always lean on are Preferred Movers NH. Their expertise is crucial for that.

Why do people come here and usually never leave?

Let’s talk about the good sides of living here. There are a lot of reasons and here are some that are the most vital for people:

Job opportunities

New Hampshire is developing fast. And with that comes a big number of well-paid jobs that people seek. And one of the main reasons for moving is this. Well-paid jobs! And here you can find a lot of jobs like engineering, food processing factories, IT companies, and a lot of other good professions that people like to do. Coming here you will have good opportunities! You will love it here! Use all moving services NH you can afford because it will be much easier for you.

people at the table talking about why people move to and stay in New Hampshire
You can find a great job in New Hampshire

Quality of life

Our everyday life is pushing us to our limits. A lot of stress and fast life. With all that, you don’t have enough time to enjoy life and you can’t see the point of living. And that happens to all of us. It has always been in the top 3 states that have the highest quality of life. A lot of beautiful lakes, rivers, beaches, and mountains. A lot of fun activities to enjoy. People here are never complaining about anything because they don’t have to. Their life is perfect as it is. They have everything that they ever wanted. Jobs, good school opportunities for kids, good connections with the rest of the state, and a lot of other perks.

Younger people

This is a good place to start a family. Many people migrate here for different reasons, and usually younger people come. They want to enjoy life, and this is the state that provides all of that. About 50% of the population are people who have less than 40 years. Many of them are former students who came here to learn and study, and they never left the state. They become proud members of the state. Younger people like New Bedford. If you are considering this place, movers Bedford NH is the way to go.

A young family playing
You can see a lot of young families here

No income or sales tax

Who likes taxes? No one. This is something that we are obligated to pay. The percentage is different from state to state. The best thing about this state is that you don’t have to pay at all. More money for you and your family. On the other hand, the property tax ranks one of the highest in the country. So, choose your home wisely! It is a great thing when your income remains safe!

Low crime rate

A low crime rate is something desirable when it comes to moving. People like safe places. And New Hampshire is one of the safest. This is one of the main reasons why people move to and stay in New Hampshire. 80% of residents said that they feel safe living in New Hampshire.

No natural disasters

We all see that the world is changing rapidly. Climate changes are taking over control. Because of all this, the south side of the USA shore is being hit by hurricanes every year. And they are becoming more powerful. People are losing their homes, their loved ones, their pets, and their jobs. In a matter of seconds, you can lose everything you have ever worked for and lived for. That is why people move to and stay in New Hampshire! They feel safe when it comes to this. The good thing is that movers here provide services like moving the pianos. That is important if you have a load like this. Piano movers NH has experience with this and your piano will be safe.

A sea storm hitting the shore
Natural disasters can destroy everything in a second


There are a lot of other reasons why people move to and stay in New Hampshire. One of them is natural attractions. Nature is a cure for stress. There is no better way than going into nature to relax your mind and body. Everyday life is also forcing us to return to our roots. Nature, trees, plants, mountains… There are a lot of natural beauties here:

  • Flume Gorge
  •  Diana’s Bath
  • Cathedral Ledge
  • Franconia Notch State Park
  • The Flume Gorge and Franconia Notch
  • Strawbery Banke
  • Conway Scenic Railroad
  • Hampton Beach
  • Monadnock

There are a lot of other things to see and visit but we highly recommend that you start with these.

Nice beaches are also why people move to and stay in New Hampshire
Hampton Beach is amazing!

Prices and housing

This state is a little cheaper than the other states, which is good when you want to come here. Property tax is indeed high as we said before, but houses are cheaper. And there are a lot of beautiful houses and nice apartments. Renting a studio costs around 839$. If you want a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment, that is around $900-$1200. For houses, you will need 2000$. That includes a nice garden. The national average of $2,495 a month tells us that this state is much cheaper. We can see a 13.4% increase compared to 2021. This state is a winner when it comes to renting homes. If you are moving locally, you can ask local mover NH for help in moving and also finding apartments. They move all the time and know the prices, people, and neighborhoods. It is never a bad idea to ask for help.

Four Seasons

You will experience all four wonderful seasons in this state. From burning temperatures to cold snowy winters. You can swim in summer in the sea and ski in winter in some beautiful mountains. And the fall is also special. In the fall, you will experience the true colors of the wild and nature. From green to yellow, and from orange to red to brown. All those colors in one tree. As the temperature decreases, the colors of the leaf change. You have nice beaches here, the mountains are awesome, and everything is perfect. You don’t even have to leave the state. Movers Londonderry NH can do the moving instead of you and help you relocate. There are a lot of amazing things around Londonderry that you can see in the fall, and you can ask movers to tell you about all the amazing places around this city.

The neighborhoods

One of the good things about this state and cities here is that people are very friendly, and they support and help each other. Living in a big city is different and most people living in big cities experience some kinds of depression and anxiety. Big cities are not for all people. Some enjoy less stressful environments. And New Hampshire is just that. This a cool fact why people move to and stay in New Hampshire. People like to feel welcomed and accepted. And because younger people are living here, it is easier to approach a person. Younger people make connections faster. Once you decide which neighborhood you want to move to, you can start looking for storage units North Hampton NH has to offer. This way you will avoid cluttering up your new home.

How to improve your life here?

We mentioned many reasons to come here and what to expect. Because this is a calm state, you should be aware of the fact that things like nightlife, clubs, concerts, cinema and other cultural things are not so developed here. People who come here want peace. For younger people that can sometimes be an issue. For some, that is just fine as it is! There is always a possibility to organize a party at home, gather friends in a yard, and organize different activities in nature. If your imagination is ok, everything is possible! To focus on these things when you arrive and gather people, we suggest using the packing service NH for relocation.

The health system is one of the reasons why people move to and stay in New Hampshire

People in this state pay a lot of attention to their health. And that is an awesome thing! Health should always be a number one priority. If your body and mind suffer, everything else doesn’t matter because you won’t enjoy life and the things you like and love without health. Unfortunately, people don’t pay attention to health as they should. But the mind of people in New Hampshire is different. This state is in the first five states when it comes to health. And because people pay attention to their health, other people who come here also start to follow a good example.

Man running
Health is very important to people in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s location

This tiny state has a perfect location. Sea on one side, mountains on the other side, and a lot of rivers. It’s bordered by Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont. It is near New York City and Montreal. It has an ideal connection with every state and city. That makes it perfect for people. Dover has an excellent connection with every city in the state and a lot of people come here. When coming here, you can consider hiring movers Dover NH. This way you will be sure to have a smooth move to Dover.

Live Free or Die

This has been a motto of the state since 1945. Gen. John Stark, the state’s most famous Revolutionary War hero wrote a letter to his soldiers and veterans where he stated, “I will give you my volunteer toast—Live free or die—Death is not the greatest of evils”. You can see this displayed on New Hampshire license plates and at state borders. People are living like this. They live free and happy!

Politically independent

This is rare in the USA and around the world. Especially now, when we have unresolved issues between countries and the line between war and peace is slim. To have politically independent people is rare. And people are independent of politics because they are happy and satisfied and they don’t want to be involved in all that. Nearly 42% of voters are not Democrats or Republicans. And people want flexibility in their voting rights. One of the cities where people don’t talk about politics is Atkinson. Movers Atkinson NH will get you here if you ever decide to relocate!

New Hampshire laws and taxes

New Hampshire has favorable taxes and laws:

  • No general income taxes
  • There are no sales taxes
  • No capital gain taxes
  • Inventory taxes also don’t exist
  • You don’t pay taxes on machinery and equipment
  • There are no helmet restrictions on motorcycles
  • There is no mandatory seatbelt law
  • No automobile liability insurance law

As you can see, these things you can’t find in other states. All of this is why people move to and stay in New Hampshire. That is why people love this state. But we highly suggest that even though there is no restriction on helmets and seatbelts, you still use them! They can save lives. But the state offers an opportunity for everybody to decide on their own and be responsible for their lives. Laws for transport and moving can also be different, so the best solution is to consider movers Derry NH and avoid making mistakes when moving.

Paper form for tax return
Favorable taxes are the reason why people move to and stay in New Hampshire!

Move with the best

You should always consider hiring movers for the job. This way you will have more time to plan everything and explore. We told you about wonderful places that you need to see. Try to organize everything before you even get here. Start with the closest one. There are a lot of reasons why people move to and stay in New Hampshire during their life. If you decide on this, you won’t regret it.