What You Need to Know Before Moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA

If you’ve decided to move to Gloucester, congratulations! Gloucester is a great place to live, and you won’t regret moving there. It offers plenty of benefits to its residents, and the locals are friendly. You won’t have trouble settling in, that’s for sure. However, before hiring Preferred Movers NH to help you make your relocation smooth and easy, it’s important to know all the facts. Settling in after the move will be much easier when you know what to expect. Moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA is a great choice. Nevertheless, no two cities are the same. Learn all about the main differences between these two places, and move with ease!

What to Expect When Moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA?

Moving from one place to another is an important decision. Besides hiring reliable movers Salisbury MA offers, one of the best things to make your move easier is to learn more about the city you’re moving to.

Gloucester MA
Gloucester is a small city surrounded by beautiful nature.

The main difference between Salisbury and Gloucester is that the first one is a town and the second one is a city (but, surely you already knew that). However, there’s much more to it. The biggest differences between these two places are:

  • the cost of living
  • the crime rate
  • average income
  • housing prices
  • amenities

The cost of living is slightly higher in Gloucester

While the cost of living in both Salisbury and Gloucester is above the US average, Gloucester is still the more expensive one of the two. In fact, the state of Massachusetts in general has higher costs than the national average, so it’s no surprise that most cities in the state are also pricey to live in.

Pnk piggy bank
Moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA will impact your budget.

However, if you’re planning on moving with moving companies in Massachusetts within the state, the difference in the cost of living between these two places is negligible. The cost of living in Gloucester is 37% higher than the national average, and only 11% higher than in Salisbury. The cost of living in Salisbury is 26% higher than the US average.

Gloucester is safer than Salisbury despite being more populous

Although both Salisbury and Gloucester are safe cities with low crime rates, there is a difference between the two. Home to 5,130 people, Salisbury is a town in Essex Country with crime rates 55% lower than the national average. On the other hand, Gloucester is a more populous city with 30,200 residents. This small-sized city is one of the safest cities in Massachusetts. The crime rates in this charming city are a whopping 76% below the national average! If you were having second thoughts about whether or not to hire movers Gloucester MA has and move here, this is your sign to do it! Not worrying about your safety is a luxury nowadays and you will have it after moving to Gloucester.

Both cities have an appealing job market

If you’re worried about making a living in a city with such a high cost of living as Gloucester, don’t stress about it. The job market in the city of Gloucester is thriving, and the locals have an appealing median income. The average income in both Salisbury and Gloucester is above the national average. Both cities have an unemployment rate of 4%. However, the median individual income in Gloucester is 31% higher than the US average, while the average income in Salisbury is somewhat lower, but still 16% above the national average. Making a decent living will not be hard with the salaries that Gloucester’s employers are offering.

Housing prices are higher in Gloucester than in Salisbury

Housing prices are one of the main things that make or break a person’s decision to move to a certain place. If you’re moving from Salisbury because the housing prices are too much, you won’t be too happy about the ones in Gloucester. The median home price in Gloucester is a whopping 101% higher than the national average.

A house you can buy after moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA
Housing prices in Gloucester MA are steep, but not much higher than in Salisbury.

On the other hand, housing is somewhat more affordable in Salisbury, but you’ll still have to pay a pretty penny considering that the median home price in this town is 81% higher than the national average. It’s clear that neither Salisbury nor Gloucester are affordable when it comes to housing prices. However, home ownership in both places is higher than average.

Gloucester has better amenities

When it comes to big city amenities, Gloucester is the obvious winner. Although Salisbury is also an amazing place to live in, since it’s a peaceful town with a tight-knit community, it lacks amenities much like any other small US town. Gloucester on the other hand is much richer in shops, restaurants, and parks, and offers many forms of indoor and outdoor entertainment. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be bored after moving to Gloucester unless you want to.

Moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA Will Be Simple When You Know All the Facts

Deciding where to move is never easy, but it’s easier when you know all the facts. If you’re moving from Salisbury to Gloucester MA, we’ve tried to present all the main differences between these two places. Although living in either place has numerous advantages, it’s a matter of preference which one you find better. Gloucester is on the more expensive side, but it also has more amenities, lower crime rates, and a better job market. You will not have any trouble settling in here with ease. If you love living in Salisbury because you love the small-town vibe, you won’t miss it in Gloucester either! The city is on the smaller side, and it’s still very peaceful and quiet. Welcome!