What to pack first when moving to NH from MA?

Moving is a tricky business. If you do not do everything right, you will have some problems. Some of them will not be big but you should always pay attention to what is important, especially when moving to NH from MA. Packing is one of those things. It is important for you to pack in a specific order so that you can make things a little easier. Yes, you can hire movers Kingston NH to do everything for you, but you should still now a couple of tricks.

Items to pack first when moving to NH from MA

When relocating from MA to NH, you should be aware that the order of things you are going to pack is vital. Packing can be physically done in a few hours but it will probably be with a lot of mistakes. Pack everything in order and you will have no problems!

  • Belongings from the storage
  • Clothes that you do not use
  • Artwork, pictures, books…

Belongings from the storage

You may be confused if you do not have one. That is okay. Everything that can be used as storage is in fact, storage! The good thing about packing those things first is that they are probably already in the boxes. That means that you will not have to pack them again from scratch. Of course, the boxes may be old and wet so you will maybe have to repack them in the other moving box. Easy, right?

Clothes that you do not use

There are some season clothes that you wear only once a year. It is a good thing for you because this is the next thing that you should pack when relocating to NH from MA. Packing clothes for the move is not that hard, to begin with, if you already know what goes first. The good thing about this approach is that you can pack clothes even several weeks before the actual move. It will decrease the amount of job that you have to do and make your life a lot easier.

clothes - moving to NH from MA
Why should your old clothes collect dirt? Pack it as soon as you can

Artwork, pictures, books…

Will you use them until your last day at the current home? Probably not. Use the opportunity to decrease things that you have to pack and make your job a lot easier. You will experience this if you avoid doing this. Things will pile up and you will get into panic mode. There is no need for this to happen when moving to NH from MA.

pictures on the wall
Do not wait to pack your artwork!


As you can see, the key is to lower the number of belongings when the actual packing starts. If you do it right, your price for hiring movers Pelham NH can be lower and you can actually use the money for something else. Moving to NH from Ma does not have to be troublesome if you are careful enough and not procrastinating. Save your nerves while packing, that is the key!