What to expect when moving from Manchester MA to Derry NH

Moving across state lines is a little more complicated than moving across town. There are more things to think about and more steps to take in order to achieve it. Nonetheless, it can go smoothly with a little preparation in advance. When it comes to moving across state lines, you have to know what to expect so that you can prepare for it. To help you do so, our experts at Preferred Movers NH created a brief guide on what to expect when moving from Manchester MA to Derry NH. Keep on reading and get ready for a successful and worry-free move.

Consider the distance

The distance between Manchester MA to Derry NH is 53 miles or 85 kilometers. It takes just under an hour to arrive by car. This is considered a long-distance move because it’s outside the 50-mile radius, as well as across state lines.

For a distance this long, you could rent a moving truck or moving van and drive yourself. However, your best bet is to hire the best long-distance movers Massachusetts. Long-distance moving can be challenging and exhausting, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with it. Leaving it to the experts is the most fitting option. That way, your prized possessions will be in the capable hands of qualified and skilled movers. Whether you’re driving a rented truck or your car, make sure to rest well and concentrate on the road.

Couple writing in notebook while moving
A moving checklist will help you stay organized.

Create a checklist for moving from Manchester MA to Derry NH

Every seamless and efficient relocation starts with precise planning. Sort through all of your belongings thoroughly and catalog everything. This will enable you to have a summary of everything that has yet to be done. Creating a schedule and sticking to it is also vital when it comes to executing a quick and easy move. Come up with deadlines for when every important move-related task. There are packing materials to purchase, boxes to pack, people to notify. Also, there are movers Manchester MA residents recommend to book. All of it will be much simpler when you stick to the schedule.

Who to inform when moving from Manchester MA to Derry NH

Notifying the right people and organizations about your change of residence is crucial. Tell everyone that needs to know to avoid situations like not paying a bill because it got lost in the mail. Here’s who you should inform that you are moving to Derry.

  • Your personal contacts. Tell your friends, family, employer, your university, or your children’s school.
  • The post-office. Any mail sent to your old address can be forwarded to your new residence for a year.
  • Your doctors. Remember to notify your doctor and dentist. Don’t forget your pet’s doctor – the vet.
  • Creditors. Insurance, and credit card companies, as well as your bank, have to know about your move.
  • Utility providers. Inform your phone, internet, cable, gas, electric companies, and any other utility providers.
  • Tax agencies and Social Security Administration. Visit their websites the find the appropriate forms.
A person using a laptop while sitting on the bed
Search the web to find the best movers out there.

How to choose a moving company

You want people you can trust to handle the items you spent years acquiring. That way you will be able to relax and look forward to your new home in Derry. Therefore, researching the best movers Derry NH has to offer is definitely worth the time. Set aside enough time to find the company that will satisfy all of your expectations. Here’s what to research and compare when deciding on a company.

  1. First-hand recommendations. In case you know people who used movers, reach out to them and ask them about their experience.
  2. Reviews. The most reliable indicator of what you can expect with long-distance moving companies is almost always the experiences of people who have used them before. Look for a moving company with a proven successful track record. Pay special attention to comments about whether movers maintain the original condition of items, have fair prices and deliver their services on time.
  3. Insurance and license. Only fully licensed and insured companies are worth looking into.
  4. Customer support. Trustworthy movers are the ones that care about their customers.
  5. Reasonable rates. An exact estimate online or over the phone is almost impossible. That’s okay, but a company should give you a reasonable price that is very close to the actual. Don’t hesitate to ask what constitutes an additional fee. If the company is imprecise about the information, that’s a cause for concern.
Cardboard boxes labeled as "keep", "donate", "trash"
Use this opportunity to declutter.

Stay organized when packing

Packing is the most time-consuming part of any relocation. Keep in mind that you’re moving across state lines and purge before packing. Attempt to pack only the things that you utterly need and/or love. This will allow you to have a fresh start in your new home in Derry clutter-free. It will also make your move less expensive. The cost of the move is usually based on the weight of the items that have to be transported. Therefore, the more stuff you pack, the costlier the relocation. Start by going through your things and separating them into four piles. One for keeping, one for donations, one for selling, and one for trash.

Get to know Derry NH

Whatever your reason for moving from Manchester MA to Derry NH, look at it as an opportunity for a fresh start and new adventures. The quaint and lovely town of Derry offers its residents a healthy environment, a good school system, a rich history to explore, and more. It bears the nickname “Spacetown”. It’s the birthplace of Alan Shepard, the first astronaut from the United States in space, hence the nickname. For a decade, it was the home of the poet Robert Frost. The Robert Frost Farm was declared a national landmark. It attracts many tourists throughout the summer months.

As you can see, there is plenty to do after moving from Manchester MA to Derry NH, so rely on experienced movers to help you move and start a new chapter in your life in this charming town.