What to expect when moving from Kittery to Andover

When moving from one place to another, you have to be ready to accept some changes. No two places are alike, and it’s the same when moving from Kittery to Andover. Whatever relocation is in front of you, we recommend hiring Preferred Movers NH. Skilled professionals will make your relocation much easier. But getting used to new surroundings is never easy, but sometimes it has to be done. Whether you are moving for work or personal reasons, moving is almost always a good step. In this guide, we will show you what to expect when transferring between these two places.

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Getting used to a new surrounding is never easy

General information about Kittery

Kittery is a place located in Maine, more exactly in York Country. It has a population of around 10,000 residents. Kittery is considered by many people to be one of the best places to live in Maine. Moving here with the help of one of the movers Kittery ME will offer you a sparse suburban feel. By coming here you will join a community of homeowners. This place is home to young professionals and retirees alike.

General information about Andover

Andover is a town in New Hampshire, more precisely in Merrimack Country. It has a population of around 3000 residents, so you will be moving to a smaller place than you are used to. This place has movers with high ratings, like all of the movers Andover MA. This city offers a rural feel to its residents since it is a quite small place. When it comes to the housing situation, their wont is much change when moving from Kittery to Andover, since people here also mostly own their homes. Unlike Kittery, this place is home to retirees mostly.

What should you expect from moving from Kittery to Andover?

Since you will be moving from a bigger to a small town, there are some changes that you can expect. Soon after moving with one of the local movers NH, you will notice the difference, mostly in the density of the city. Since Andover offers a rural feel, you will have more greenery and outside space to enjoy. This is perfect for people who love outdoor activities or people with kids. That’s probably the reason why many retirees come and stay in this place. It is a perfectly calm place for everyone who considers this their cup of tea. But when it comes to entertainment and nightlife, there are fewer options. But even though Andover is small, it still has plenty of entertainment options for its size.

Aerial view of rural area
Andover offers more space than Kittery

What to expect when moving from Kittery to Andover – final thoughts

Moving is never easy, and that is a fact. But it has to be done. Moving with professional help doesn’t cost as much as you would expect, and it helps a lot. Moving from Kittery to Andover might not be a big change, but you still have to relocate your whole life from point A to point B. And that is always laborious. That’s why we wish you good luck and a successful relocation!