What to do in Concord as a newcomer?

So, you’ve finally decided to move to Concord. This is a great decision, which we wholeheartedly support. Before you contact movers Concord NH and start packing, it isn’t a bad idea to get a bit informed about the city and prepare in advance. With that said, let’s look into the history of the city. Concord is the capital of New Hampshire, with a current population of fewer than 45.000 residents. Founded way back in 1734 as Rudeford, it greatly evolved over time. From 1765, Rudeford changes to Concord and that name has stuck ever since. In the early days, the city was famous for quality furniture, and granite quarrying. Later, it became the main hub of the developing railroad industry. Now that we’ve brushed up on history, it’s time to talk about today. Let’s look at a couple of things you can see and do in Concord as a newcomer.

The State Capitol Building Of New Hampshire
The city of Concord welcomes you with open arms

Catch a movie in the unique Red River Theater

The Red River Theater deserves a place on this list because it is everything but ordinary. With that in mind, it is the perfect place to entertain yourself after your local movers NH get you to the beautiful city of Concord. Back in 2000, the community came together with a dream to create a state-of-the-art cinema that would show art-house films. In 2007, Red River Theater was opened, and since then, it became the staple of Concord’s community. It has three state-of-the-art screens and the total costs of construction were only 1.8 million dollars. The cool thing about Red River Theater is that you won’t see mainstream blockbusters being played here. Instead, the venue focuses on showcasing local movies and art-house productions. The theater has a special place in the hearts of all residents and is a huge feature in the New Hampshire culture scene.

Every Concord newcomer should treat themselves at the Granite State Candy Shoppe

If there’s one thing to do in Concord as a newcomer, it’s visiting the Granite State Candy Shoppe. This family-run business has been producing all sorts of treats and sweets for the residents since 1927. Originally, the shop was set up and managed by Peter Bart who made candy daily for the people of Concord in an old building on Warren Street. Today, nearly a hundred years later, the family still carries on the business. They still use the same techniques and recipes, trying to keep most of the original antique equipment in operation. So if you’ve just finished unloading your moving truck, you’ll definitely be in need of some refreshment to bring your energy back. While you’re exploring your new neighborhood, stop by Granite State Candy Shoppe and see what they have to offer. You’ll experience the sweet taste of Concord, and your taste buds will surely thank you.

a newcomer picking apples in a Concord orchard
Enjoy the sights of Concord while enjoying a tasty apple

Enjoy a day in the sun at the Carter Hill Orchard

There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious apple while walking through beautiful nature on a sunny day. This is exactly the kind of experience you can have at the Carter Hill Orchard. It has been around since the middle of the 1700s and has grown considerably since. The orchard offers a large variety of apples, which can be hand-picked by visitors or purchased at the property store. If you’ve arrived in Concord with the help of Preferred Movers somewhere between September and October, you’re in luck. This is the period in which the apples are in their prime, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity. If you’re a fan of cider, you’ll be happy to know that the Carter Hill Orchard has its own brewery. The New Hampshire Cider Works works tirelessly through winter and autumn, making the finest cider from the finest, hand-picked apples only.

The best thing to do in Concord as a newcomer is brushing up on your history

The New Hampshire Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that aims to preserve and share the history of the state. Since 1823, the museum has collected thousands of books, maps, photos, and other documents, which make up New Hampshire’s history. The current museum building was constructed in 1911 and features a beautiful statue made by the famous New Hampshire sculptor Daniel Chester French. Both the statue and the building are among the greatest examples of New Hampshire’s architecture. So, once your reliable NH movers and packers leave, grab a notebook and head out. The museum also aims to educate the public, by organizing guided visits, lectures, and workshops, available to kids and adults alike. Currently, one of the best programs available is called “Moose on the loose”. The goal is to inform kids, as well as their parents and teachers, about the history, wildlife, and people of the state.

a space shuttle in a museum
We know you will love Concord to the moon and back

The Discovery Center is the place for marvel and inspiration

This is the second museum on our list, but it is equally important. Unlike the previous one, it focuses on modern history, science, and technology. This makes it one of the best places for family fun in Concord. The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center exists in honor of two very important people. The first person is Christa McAuliffe. Christa was a teacher in the Concord high school, and NASA chose her to be the first teacher in space. The second is Alan Shepard, another New Hampshire resident. Shepard was the first American, and the second person, to ever reach space. He was also among the very few people who walked on the moon’s surface. The Discovery Center aims to inspire people to always reach for the stars no matter what they do in life. It offers interactive science and engineering exhibits, as well as a full-size model of the Mercury Redstone Rocket.