What to do after moving to Chester NH

You have just finished moving to Chester NH, and you are wondering what you can do. Moving with one of the movers in NH has been pleasant, but you still need something to relax. Chester is a suburb with a population of around 5,000 residents. It’s a conservative little place, that offers a rural feel. Everybody knows everybody, and it is easy to make friends here. But even though it is small in size, it offers quite some things to do. It is home to some fun traditional festivals, races and so much more. Keep on reading to find out what you can do in this small town full of life.

You can visit Hazelton orchards after moving to Chester NH

This is a really good choice if you are looking for family-friendly outdoor activities. Here you can enjoy the flavor of different types of apples. It’s a perfect relaxing activity after a relocation with one of the long distance movers New Hampshire. The owners provide a map of the orchard, turning it into an apple-picking adventure for the young ones.

Picking apples directly from the trees is something you can do after moving to Chester NH
Apple picking is a great outdoor activity for kids

Catch a ride with A & A Ballon rides

This is definitely a great thing to do if you need ballon riding checked off your bucket list. You can watch and learn how a hot air balloon is set up or you can join in on the process. The crew is highly dedicated to pleasing every visitor, same as most of the movers Chester NH. Because of this, it is something that you have to experience.

Martin Family Ranch

This is a Western Boutique horse ranch. They offer different types of Western adventures including:

  • Ranch Riding
  • Glamping
  • Horseback Trail Riding (something you certainly need to try after moving to Chester NH)
  • Cabin accommodation
  • Family events
  • Formal events

It’s a fun experience for kids and everybody who likes horses. A great outdoor activity after a tiring local move and the perfect way to forget about all your modern problems for a day.

Massabesic Audubon Center

Just a 10 minute drive away from Chester, you can find this historic farm site. It is a true natural beauty, surrounded by forests, wetlands, marshes, ponds, and streams. This place is a preserved wildlife sanctuary, perfect for any nature lover. Hiking trails are available all year long for those with an adventurous spirit.

Massabesic Canoe & Kayak

In the same place as the last site, you can find lake Massabesic. It is a water supply reservoir, so you won’t be disturbed by many other activities while kayaking and canoeing. If you are new to this kind of water sport, there are also lessons available. The crew will be more than happy to help you get set up and learn a new skill.

People in a boat during sunset
You can learn how to do this if you never tried it before

What to do after moving to Chester NH – conclusion

As stated before, even though it is a small town, there are plenty of things to do after moving to Chester NH. And if you want more activities and experiences, you can also go to the nearby places that usually take around 10 minutes to get to. We hope that you will enjoy Chester NH.