What Not To Pack When Moving Part 2

Continuing from our blog last week on what not to pack in moving trucks, here are more items you should consider. Some of these items may seem like common sense but more often than not, people who decide to pack on their own tend to forget about some of these items. They may not think they will need them immediately or believe they will be fine being transported in the moving truck. However, the items below are best to be transported in your own car when making the move to your new location.

Valuables, Medication & Important Documents

Even when you hire a trustworthy moving company, it is always recommended that you transport small valuables and irreplaceable items on your own. In addition, you will want to personally take items with personal information on them such as birth certificates, bills, etc. If you take medication, it is always a good idea to pack these items as well as laptops and personal documents and take them with you in your car. Personal items you should keep away from your moving truck include:

  • Jewelry
  • Cash, Gift Cards, Checkbooks
  • Valuable Furs
  • Closing Documents
  • Computers
  • Insurance Policies
  • Social Security Cards
  • Ashes
  • Passports
  • Stocks, Bonds and Securities
  • Family Photos

Perishable Items

shutterstock_193690586If you know your move is going to take more than one day, then you need to take into account of any perishable items you have in your home. These items should not go in the moving truck and should be taken with you in your own car. If they go into the moving truck they may be ruined in transit due to temperature changes or the movement of items in truck during the move. When you take these items on your own, you can properly store them to make sure they do not perish during the move. Perishable items can include:

  • Frozen/Refrigerated Food
  • Plants & Potted Trees
  • Wine & Beer

When you transport these items on your own you will have a peace of mind knowing nothing bad will happen to them. If you have any questions on perishable or valuable moving please contact us today.