What items you shouldn’t store in a storage unit?

You hear a lot of things about storage. Most of them are praise and instructions on how to utilize them properly. After all, they are a rather convenient thing, offering space for possessions when your home can’t. However, what happens when you try to use storage for something it wasn’t meant for? We thought it would be a good idea to point out some of the items you definitely shouldn’t store in a storage unit. 

What you shouldn’t store in storage – hazardous materials

First off, let us talk about hazardous materials. The biggest problem with these kinds of materials is that they require very special conditions to be properly stored. Furthermore, without help from specialized movers Manchester MA, you will obviously lack packing materials to deal with their storing in at least a somewhat acceptable manner. Therefore, these materials pose a danger and are definitely on a list of things you shouldn’t store in storage.

Yellow and black stripes to indicate danger of something you shouldn't store in a storage
Do not store potentially dangerous materials!

However, “hazardous materials” is somewhat of a nebulous term. It is not very clear what those should mean to you or anyone. Therefore, let us go over exactly what those are.

  • Chemicals. We are not talking about cleaning equipment here, of course. However, anything else that has a chemical agent should not be stored. This also means batteries. Moisture, heat, or simply time could make these chemicals react in various ways. Not to mention that some are flammable, easily making a list of things that you shouldn’t store in a storage
  • Radioactive material. We suspect that you will not be storing plutonium, of course. However, you should also avoid storing things like microwaves. Anything with radioactive properties.
  • Weapons and/or ammo. These should always be stored under specific, legally binding instructions. Storage is not a good place for both.

Cash and currency

Things that moving companies Maine won’t move are usually the same things that you should store. Money shouldn’t be stored in storage for a good reason. Not only will it possibly degrade, maybe even be ruined, but having money in storage just poses troubling implications should there be a burglary.

Anything alive you shouldn’t store in a storage

This should go without saying, but if you are searching for storage in Manchester, definitely don’t put your pets or plants inside. Most people would know that you can’t just leave a dog or a cat, of course, but some other animals almost seem like they would be fine. Ant colonies and fish, for example. However, not only is this not a good idea for their health, but it is also against the rules due to the danger it poses to adjacent storage units and owners. Not to mention a possible spread of disease.

a parrot
No pet should be stored!

To sum this up

In summary, there are three big categories of things you shouldn’t store in storage. Hazardous materials are the first category. Firearms shouldn’t go into storage. Chemicals and radioactive material either. Money is the second category, with pets being the third category.