What items will moving companies refuse to relocate?

If you are preparing for a move, you are surely counting on your movers to transport your belongings. But did you know that long distance movers Massachusetts, like every other moving company, have some limitations when it comes to moving different types of items? This means that there are things that moving companies will refuse to relocate. And before you pack your belongings, you need to inform yourself well about them. Just to make sure that you do not run into any problems on your moving day.

List of items that moving companies will refuse to relocate

There are items that your moving company will refuse to transport. But, there is a difference between when you are moving from NH to MA and when you are moving around the corner. Because some items are allowed for shorter distances. To avoid confusion and moving day inconveniences moving companies have prepared a list of items that are not allowed in the moving truck. And it is for everyone’s safety. Here is the list:

  • Plants are one of the things that moving companies will refuse to relocate more than 150 miles
  • Hazardous materials
  • Perishable food
  • Explosives
  • Pets
  • Flammable and corrosive items
  • Valuables
  • Power equipment with fuel
  • Special and heavy items
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There are many things movers won’t move

Plants and pets are among the items moving company will refuse to move

Plants can’t travel without special permits more than 150 miles. This is set to stop unwanted pests and organisms from spreading.

Pets are not really items,. But they are still on the not allowed on the moving truck list. Pets need special attention when traveling. And your movers cannot provide it.

A moving company will refuse to relocate hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are also on the list of items your movers will refuse to move. Of course, this is for everyone’s safety. If you want to move such materials anyway you will have to find another way.

Flammable and corrosive items and materials are also dangerous. They are something that needs special handling. And if your movers are not specialized in handling dangerous materials they will refuse to transport it.

Power equipment and tools, especially loaded with fuel, are one of the items your movers will not accept to move for safety reasons as well. Load them into your vehicle if you want to keep using them after you move.

Finally, there is no need to explain in depth why explosives are on this list. Military movers might be able to help you instead.

Perishable food is also on the list

Perishable food is also something that your long distance movers New Hampshire will refuse to transport. If you have such needs. You can transport them with your own vehicle.

Find movers that are specialized in moving valuables

Some moving companies are specialized in moving valuable jewelry and art. If you want such items to relocate, you will have to find and hire their services. Otherwise, your valuables will not travel on the moving truck with the rest of your belongings.

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Most moving companies refuse to relocate valuables

Your movers need to have the proper equipment to move heavy items

Some moving companies cannot move special and heavy items, mostly because of the lack of proper trucks and forklifts. If you have such items, make sure that your movers will not refuse to relocate them.