What items are not allowed in storage

Storages are an amazing way to free your house of excess stuff. But unlike in your home, some items are not allowed in storage. Usually, this is for the well-being and safety of your own and other people’s storage areas. It is therefore important to respect this at all times.

Flammable and hazardous items

Do not plan to store something flammable and hazardous into your storage area. These types of items are not meant to be moved with you or stored in a unit. Flammable items can not be stored even in a climate-controlled unit. Movers Pelham NH will confirm that moving and storing items like this is dangerous. It is just too much of a risk and they should be left at home or disposed of. Do not risk your belongings or belongings and lives of other people over mowing machine fuel. Fireworks, paint, propane tanks, aerosols are also not allowed. Anything that has that little flame symbol is off-limits in a storage area. It is just not worth the risk and is not allowed in storage.

sign saying flammable as one of the items that are not not allowed in storage
Flammable items are not allowed in storage

Once you figure out what you have to put in the storage unit, you can contact your NH moving and storage company to help you both transport and store your items for a time being. This is a great way to not worry about your items since the professionals are taking good care of them.

Anything living and breathing is not allowed in storage

Storing something alive like pets or plants would not be a humane move. Having plants or pets in a storage unit is not legal and not moral. Even if you would visit every day. On the other hand, anything moist is also not allowed, and plants need water. Moisture tends to draw mold and can damage items in storage. So that would be a double no-no here. Plants can also attract insects and pests so there is another reason not to store them in a unit.  It would be a shame to ruin a beautiful unit in storage North Hampton NH.  Therefore, anything drawing insects, including garbage, doesn’t belong in a unit.

two roses
You can’t store plants in regular storage units

Perishable food

Canned goods are good to go when you are moving or storing items. They can sit like that for years. And even if they do spoil, you can only get that from looking at the expiry date. Just make sure you know all about the techniques for storing non-perishable goods. On the other hand, storing perishable food is off-limits when it comes to storage units. Anything that can rot and attract insects and whatnot else, is not for a storage unit. You do not want to go in there and have your senses burned by rotten meat or anything else for that matter.

Most of the things not allowed in storage are the things all of us know about. But there is no bad time to remind people what not to store. Something can always slip our mind and we forget. Especially if we are storing and moving on short notice. Take care of yours and other people’s units and follow the regulations of using storage units.