What Is Exeter NH Famous For?

Exeter is a real haven for history buffs for a reason. This small town will charm you to pieces. What is more, it is sprinkled with brick buildings, healthy eating spots, and upscale restaurants. Plenty of people hire movers in NH to relocate them to Exeter, where they can learn about the history and the life of their founding fathers. But what is Exeter NH famous for? We made a short list of interesting facts that might draw you to this amazing town.

Exeter is a place with a long history

Exeter was once used as New Hampshire’s Revolutionary War Capital. Since then, the town is known as one of the most important historic centers in New Hampshire. There is a version of the Declaration of Independence in Exeter, which was found during the renovation in 1983. The place attracts thousands of visitors who come to enjoy this amazing historic community. If you want to learn more about America’s history, hiring Exeter movers is a good option, as they can take you around the town’s historic downtown area. keep reading to find out what it’s famous for today.

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Exeter is an amazing place where you can learn a lot about American history

What is Exeter NH famous for? For its first-class education!

Exeter is a community that commits to a high standard of living and education. The government ranked Exeter’s school system among the best in New Hampshire. Moreover, Exeter is home to Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the world’s premier preparatory institutions. Phillips Exeter Academy has produced a number of famous graduates who have made their mark in various fields. While local movers NH recommends deal with relocating people to this amazing town. Exeter continues to take pride in its educational history.

There are community events all year long

Another thing that makes Exeter famous are community events that you can visit all year round. There is something for everyone, starting from Independence Museum Festival with the farmer’s market and annual fireworks. Next, using some of the moving services in NH can take you to see the Great Beer and Chilli Festival on beautiful Swasey Parkway, as well as Exeter UFO festival.  As a result, people from all over New Hampshire visit Exeter every weekend to enjoy these festivals, as well as taste the amazing local cuisine.

You can do many outdoor activities in Exeter

Exeter is one the most famous towns in New Hampshire because there are plenty of things to do. Its lovely downtown features excellent shops and restaurants, and plenty of trails for biking, walking, and hiking at Hillzilla Trail. Moreover, you can visit the historic downtown, including Phillips Exeter Academy Library, and learn in the American Independence Museum. Furthermore, the town of Exeter is home to beautiful orchards where you can pick apples, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, and pumpkins in the fall.

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If you are wondering what is Exeter NH famous for, you can visit some of the most beautiful spots and areas in the town

Exeter is truly an amazing place!

Have you ever asked yourself a question: “What is Exeter NH famous for?” If the answer is yes, then you should read our short list of famous places and things to see in Exeter. This town is truly an amazing place to go to. Whether you want to study about history, explore the outdoors or visit some local events, Exeter is the place for everyone.