What Do I Need to Know About Moving to a Different Country?

international-moveEvery year, more than 6 million people in the US move to another country accounting to AARO census reports.  People move for a variety of reasons, work, warmer climates, better health care, cheaper cost of living, love or maybe just because they love it there! Whatever the reason, making the move can be a huge step in your life.  Leaving all your family and friends will be the hardest part but here are some other things to consider before buying that one way ticket.

Language – Does the country that you are moving to speak a different language? While visiting tourist areas, many locals can speak English but as you immerse yourself in their culture, will you be able to communicate? You’ll want to study and practice the new language as much as possible.

Taxes & Insurance – According to the IRS, if you are a U.S. citizen, you are expected to pay U.S taxes, even if you live in a different country. Many people won’t tell their insurance companies that they live in a different country. Be sure you let them know and they will answer any questions you have about coverage and the specifics to your policy. Additionally, do some research about the area and find out the top rated places to receive medical care or prescription medications.

Safety – Are you going to a safe country?  That may be a relative term but the reality is, not everywhere is as safe as you think. Check the travel warnings from the US Department of State for more info.

Residency and Visas – Whether you decide to become a citizen of your new nation or stay on an extended tourist visa is up to you. Some factors to consider are your plans to own property or open a business.  Do your research because sometimes it can be a lengthy and expensive process to become a citizen. Sometimes, there is no difference at all. If you do decide to stay on an extended tourist visa, keep in mind that you must travel over the border to renew your visa every 90 days.

Moving – If you need help making the actual move, Preferred Movers can help!  We are experts at logistics and can help you pack your things and ship them to you internationally.  You have more things to worry about than wondering if your belonging will make it to your new home. Click here for more information on our international moving services. Give us a call at 603-379-2272 for any questions!