What are the risks of DIY moves

If you are moving to somewhere close to home, let’s say another neighborhood or a close-by city, you might be tempted to do it on your own. We don’t blame you, it’s a completely natural thing to do. You don’t want to spend time researching movers like Preferred Movers NH, and you want to save some money. This brave decision can backfire the second you realize there are too many risks of DIY moves. The risks are quite real, and here are some of the most common ones:

  • Expenses passing the set budget limit
  • Wasted time
  • Damaged items
  • Property damage
  • Injury to you or your loved ones

The question you should be asking yourself is, is it worth it once you weigh out the bad sides and the benefits?

Spending more than expected

The number one reason people avoid hiring one of the local movers NH is the cost. Assuming that moving by yourself will turn out cheaper is a huge mistake. If you are moving a short distance, with friends to help you and no specialty items, maybe it is true. But have you ever heard of hidden costs? Add packing supplies, insurance, fuel, road tolls, etc. to the equation to get a clear idea of how much it will turn out.

Wasted time is another one of the risks of DIY moves

You might think it’s not worth it to spend time finding the best packing services. This time is usually well spent in the end. You will need time arranging the moving vehicle, finding friends to help and packing will take a tremendous amount of time. Inexperience will cost you hours or even days of extra time.

Picture of a clock
Inexperience can cost you a lot of time

Damaged items

If you don’t have bulky furniture and specialty items, it is probably not mandatory for you to hire help. Available storage North Hampton NH would take great care of your items tho. Professionals will keep your items safe with minimal time spent, due to their experience. Good moving companies have insurance, so even if something happens, you can file a compensation claim.

Property damage is another one of the risks of DIY moves

Property damage is something that people don’t realize until it’s too late. This type of damage is something that you should worry about with professionals. They have the equipment and know-how to use it. Some of the risks are damaged staircases, dented and chipped walls, and scratched floors. This usually takes a lot of money to fix, and DIY movers usually don’t take it into account.


While lifting and moving heavy furniture, you can certainly get injured. That is something that you want to avoid. Things to pay attention to are:

  • don’t overestimate your strength
  • ask for help
  • use proper lifting techniques
  • keep small children and pets away during moving day

You should make it a priority to prevent moving day injuries because saved money cannot replace the pain you suffered.

Woman got a neck injury because she miscalculated the risks of DIY moves
Getting yourself or your loved ones injured is just not worth it

What are the risks of DIY moves – conclusion

With all the mentioned risks of DIY moves, it often turns out better to just hire professionals. That way there will be no mistakes and no stress during your relocation. We wish you good luck!