Ways to protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out

Homes can become vacant for a number of reasons, but mostly because of renovation or relocation. When moving is the case, we suggest you do it with one of the best movers in the area, Preferred Movers. Vacant structures that are located in well-populated areas are not at a big risk. The ones that are in remote areas tend to be a bit more problematic. This happens due to the fact that there are no neighbors to watch over the house. Just by doing that, they can inform you about any suspicious activities or give you a heads up when it comes to weather changes. Below you can find a list of tips on how to protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out.

Ways to protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out

Deerfield is a small place with a population below 5000 people. That means that in this town, everybody knows each other. Because of this, the risks of burglary is significantly decreased. When it comes to the weather, it has a humid continental climate, where the winters tend to be the most problematic for vacant homes. If you moved far away, using the services of one of the long distance movers New Hampshire has to offer, this will be an even bigger problem. These are the tips on how you can solve this:

Regular maintenance is important

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it personally, or someone else does it for you, vacant homes need to be maintained regularly. The presence of someone at the property will keep away criminals and make it easier to detect any problems in the early stages (pipe leaks, weather damage, etc.)

Different types of wrenches
Regular maintenance of a vacant house is a priority

Prevent plumbing issues

Humidity and water can damage property more than anything else. Because of that, make sure to drain the pipes of water before one of the movers Deerfield NH helps you move out. Long periods of vacancy in the winter require the heating turned on to prevent damage to the pipes.

Install security cameras to protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out

Traditional security is still the most reliable way to keep your property safe from trespassers. Installing a security system that will inform you as soon as something happens will give you much-needed peace of mind. But since it’s Deerfield that we are talking about, your property will be safe if you just put signs that advertise security systems without actually installing one.

Make good use of the light

With lights, you can use several strategies:

  • Protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out by using motion-activated exterior lights
  • Install a timer that turns outside lights on at sunset
  • Time a few lights to turn on in the evening as if someone was home

Fire prevention

Make sure to remove all fire-prone materials from around the house ( paper, cardboard, etc.) as well as any flammable chemicals. Professional packing services will pack up and remove everything that they were told to do, but make sure to double-check just in case. Just by doing this, you will drastically decrease the possibility of a fire starting and spreading.

Woman in red facing a wall next to a fire extinguisher
Doing everything you can to prevent a fire is important

Protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out – conclusion

The best thing to do when it comes to protection is to visit the house yourself from time to time. Of course, if that is possible. Doing the things listed above, you can protect a vacant home in Deerfield after moving out even from a distance. In this guide, you can find additional information about protecting a vacant home. We wish you a happy relocation and safe moving!