Ways to avoid theft on moving day

We often lose ourselves in the hustle of relocating that we forget a few important things. One of such things is the fact that our items can very easily disappear in the commotion. For example, you have hired movers Andover MA, planned the move, and then spent the entire day rushing around. Only after the move, when you’ve unpacked everything, do you notice that something is missing. This happens because of so many distractions that surround us, and people may use them to their advantage. Even if you think it can’t possibly happen to you, it is important to know how to avoid theft on moving day. With these simple, yet important tips, your move will be smooth, and your items will remain safe.

people carrying boxes on moving day
Moving often causes us to lose awareness of what is happening

The most common targets of theft on moving day

Surprising as it may be, the most common things that get stolen on moving day are prescription medicine and designer items, such as handbags and perfumes. Even though they seem like a strange target for theft, there is a logical reason. Items like pills and handbags are usually easy targets that can just as easily sell on the black market. To prevent this from happening, don’t pack your important toiletries and medicine in the regular boxes that go in the truck. Instead, place them in a special box which will always be near you. Just the same, when the moving day arrives, don’t leave this box out of your sight. Label them with a “do not pack” tag so your long distance movers Massachusetts know not to load them. You’ll feel more secure knowing that these valuables are near you and not somewhere where thieves would look for them.

Be careful who moves through your home

One of the biggest problems on moving day which leads to theft is the lack of focus. There are so many people moving through your home, it is very easy to lose track of where everyone is at the time. You’ll have friends and family moving around and helping, movers going in and out with boxes, and even the cable guy shuffling around with his gear. How can you possibly notice a burglar creeping in and leaving with some of your items? They could very easily walk in pretending to be one of the workers and sneak out with something expensive. You probably won’t even notice until after the move, and then it will be too late.

people unloading boxes into a car
Always be aware of who moves through your home on moving day

A good way to avoid theft on moving day is to set aside a dedicated room that will be restricted to everyone else. Use this room to safely hold valuable items during the move and constantly keep them under lock and key to ensure they remain there. The best-case scenario would be for the room to have no windows, and that only you know who enters it. Set up a room like this in both your old and new home, just be extra safe. This is a great way of protecting your jewelry, medicine, expensive devices, and family heirlooms from being stolen.

Carefully guard your personal records at all times

You will get a couple of important tips when packing for a move, one of which is to prepare your personal paperwork. Personal identification, bank records and various contracts are an important part of everyday life. However, nobody mentions keeping them safe after you collect them. Since you’ve collected everything in one neat pile, that fact makes it an easy target for thieves. Identity theft and address fraud is a serious issue that happens more frequently than you would imagine. So, the last thing you want is someone finding your stack of documents and taking them with malevolent intent. To counter this, keep your documents close to you at all times in an inconspicuous folder or box. Don’t label it as “personal files” as that would make it stick out like a sore thumb. Consider placing them in the locked room we mentioned above for safekeeping.

a police officer preventing theft on moving day
If you’re absolutely certain that you’ve been robbed, call the police

Avoid theft on moving day by having an extra pair of eyes around

It is a very good idea to have a couple of extra pairs of eyes when the moving day arrives. Even if you lose focus in the commotion of the move, someone else to back you up would be wholly appreciated. Hiring Preferred Movers NH is a great way to ensure safety as they will keep your items in great care throughout the relocation. Having a few friends or family members around will also help keep an eye on everything. They’ll see each box going in and out of both the home and moving truck, so you don’t have to watch over everything yourself. If you all join forces and remain vigilant, your move will be a smooth experience with no accidents.

What to do in case theft does occur

If you are absolutely positive that something got stolen from your home, do not hesitate to call the police. Only do this if you are absolutely sure, because nobody likes false alarms, or wasting valuable police time. So, if you know for a fact that you’ve been robbed, contact the police. It is also important to remember that, even if something like this happens, it’s not the end of the world. Even if the situation seems like it’s without a solution, you can usually find one, with the law in mind. Retrace your steps and try to figure out when the theft occurred, you’d be surprised to realize how simple it can happen. Dealing with these situations is never pleasant, but you have to remain positive no matter what. With these tips on how to avoid theft on moving day, however, your home and items will be safe and sound!