Urban vs. Rural: Contrasting Life in Manchester and Goffstown

Living in Granite State has many advantages and benefits you’re not going to find in many other places. It is a beautiful and healthy part of the country and one of the best places to live in. Also, it’s one of the safest and healthiest states and the most affordable one. Thanks to its favorable tax policy, there are no income and sales taxes. NH has the lowest poverty rate of 6.94% in the country. For those of you weighing between life in Manchester and Goffstown, our little survey might help. We researched these neighboring places to help you decide which one suits you the most. Other than that, our moving companies NH can help you with your relocation as well. But first, let us introduce you to these two New Hampshire cities.

Manchester NH is the largest urban center in New Hampshire

Manchester is a midsize city in Hillsborough County, with 115 644 residents, according to the census from 2020. It ranks as the #12 safest place to live, the #16 best place to retiree, and #60 best place to live overall in the US. Our movers Manchester NH can testify that people have been flocking to this region in past years. It’s the largest and the most populous city in New Hampshire and has the largest metropolitan area. 

Panorama of the town with river and red buildings
Life in Manchester and Goffstown is equally interesting and fulfilling, regardless of their differences.

As such, it became the major economical center of the state. The growing tech industry, communications, and manufacturing are some of the fast-developing sectors of its booming economy. In such an economic climate, many corporations and companies opened their headquarters in this area. This creates a raising demand for human labor and a lot of job openings. Some of the major corporations operating in Manchester are Eversource Energy and software companies like Oracle and Skillsoft. 

Living in Manchester NH is fairly affordable

What makes it so popular is that Manchester is a relatively affordable place to live. That has a major impact on the lifestyle of its inhabitants. As in the rest of the state, there are no sales and income taxes. In fact, it’s the second most tax-friendly city in Hillsborough County. On the other hand, property tax rates are quite high, and you should inform yourself in more detail. How affordable Manchester really is, you get to see from the following:

  • median household income is $66,929. 
  • average  monthly rent is $1831 
  • median home price is $441,922
  • utilities are $225,85 per month
  • gas prices are $4.03

Manchester NH offers an urban-suburban mix feel

If you hesitate between life in Manchester and Goffstown, know that Manchester is a vibrant urban city. Its residents can enjoy all the big town perks that small towns lack. You have more chances to find a better-paid job, more entertainment, events, and more interesting people and connections. It’s quite walkable, but you’ll need a car since transportation can sometimes get crowded. Manchester is a friendly city for expats, so if you’re moving to find a job, local movers NH can move you as soon as you find one. Or maybe you’re trying to get into one of its universities. The University of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University, and Manchester Community College are the most popular, so many students inhabit the city. Precisely because of that, Manchester has a young and vibrant community, and that energy drives the city. 

Life in Manchester and Goffstown streets on a rainy evening
If you prefer the pace and bustle of a big city, Manchester NH will certainly meet your expectations.

Another advantage of living in Manchester is its great location. Boston is quite near, only 61 miles away, which is convenient for commuters. It’s not far from Hampton Beach or the White Mountains, either. Also, the Manchester-Boston International Airport is 15 minutes away from Manchester Downtown. That provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and awesome vacation spots within easy reach. 

Goffstown NH offers a calm and laid-back lifestyle

For those of you who prefer a small-town feel with a tight community, Goffstown will suit you better. It’s a small and affordable town with 18,577 residents, only 9 miles away from Manchester following the Elm Street route. This quiet and friendly place ranks as the #12 best place for living in the Manchester area and #12 suburbs with the lowest costs of living in New Hampshire. And as for safety, the crime rate ratio is 1:129, while the national rate is 1:43. That means Goffstown is safer than 61% of places in America and has a lower crime rate than 42% of places in NH. Oddly, the housing prices are 13% higher than in Manchester. And overall, Goffstown is 5.1% more expensive than next door Manchester.

However, we must admit that peaceful living away from the city bustle has no price. And that’s what you’ll get after our movers Goffstown NH complete your relocation.

Benefits of living in a small town such as Goffstown

Living in a small town implies less traffic, small local businesses, a tighter community, and friendlier connections among people. Add to these healthy surroundings, and the closeness of nature, plus great schools for your kids, and you have found a perfect place for raising children. Speaking of which, Goffstown can boast high-rated schools like Maple Avenue School, Goffstown High School, and Saint Anselm College.

This little town can offer you much more than you have anticipated. A few annual events bring together the Goffstown Great Pumpkin Regatta community and Old Home Day. It has a swimming pool, bowling alley, tennis, and golf courses, where you can spend your free time. Plus, there are some great spots close by for all sorts of outdoor activities. Path’s Peak Crotched Mountain is the nearest ski center, with many attractions like snowmobile trails, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, cycling, camping, etc. If you require moving services NH to relocate your home or business to Goffstown, we are at your disposal.

Building of the Saint Anselm College on a clear day
Saint Anselm College in Goffstown is a private arts college influenced by Catholic and Benedictine values.

Weigh the pros and cons of life in Manchester and Goffstown

What option to choose depends on your affinities and wishes. Although the distance is minimal, life in Manchester and Goffstown differs so much. Manchester offers all the pros of a large city, including more educational and job opportunities in urban and modern settings. While Goffstown attracts with its modest way of life, all the perks of the big city are within reach. Whatever you opt for, you won’t regret it since both places rank highly as great places to live in New Hampshire. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about relocation with our Preferred Movers NH on your side.