Top tips for picking reliable military movers

Picking reliable military movers can be quite a tedious process. However, it’s also very gratifying once you do end up picking the right movers for you. There is plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to military movers, and unfortunately, not all are created equal. There are many moving companies that offer ridiculously low prices when it comes to moving quotes. However, in the long run, the costs always end up being super expensive. How is that possible? Well, as you will see most of these moving companies offer low-cost moving quotes, but actually have hidden costs that are not calculated in the expenses. So you end up paying more in the end. That’s why we have made this article for you. So you can learn to see through these methods, and pick a reliable moving military company.

picking reliable military movers
If you want to find reliable and cheap movers you will have to analyze the moving quotes!

Top tips for picking reliable military movers

Before we get into the topic of picking reliable military movers, we want to first introduce you to the benefits of hiring such a company. While different than DIY moving, military moving is quite unique in regards to hiring moving companies to help you with your moving. There are several advantages of military moving companies. First of all, if you are in the military you can be sure that the moving company will offer you some sort of discount on the moving quote. Secondly, all of the items that are being moved are under insurance. Lastly, and most importantly – you don’t have to worry about a thing. The movers will take care of everything! So you can relax, enjoy and spend quality time with the people who mean the most to you.

Icon of a location
Finding local moving companies is important if you are looking for cheap yet quality solutions.

Tip number 1: Hire a moving company you know is good.

Most people go by the cheapest route when choosing a moving company. We strongly advise against such an action. What we recommend is that you hire movers depending on the reviews, but more importantly… By their location. The closer they are to you the less costly it will be. Moreover, since they are locals, they will try to give you the best possible service since they know you will spread the good word about them. So it doesn’t matter if it’s movers Bedford NH or some different moving company, just make sure they are locals and that they have good reviews.

Tip number 2: when picking reliable military movers, remember to get estimates.

One of the key components when inquiring about a moving company is to get estimates. Most of these estimates are free. So make sure to check who offers the cheapest ones. However, don’t get tricked into picking the cheapest option. Be smart. Check up on those cheap free moving quotes with further questions. Inquire about hidden costs and try to get a real snapshot of the situation. What we recommend that you do is that when evaluating moving costs, that you create a list. Write the top 10 moving companies with the cheapest moving quotes. After you have done that, it’s time to call a moving company to get further specifications on those moving quotes. Explain to them what are your needs, and what you expect of them. After that is complete you should be left with 3 moving companies that you really love.

Tip number 3: Narrowing it down to only 1 moving company.

So hopefully by now, you are looking at a list of 3 moving companies that you really like. However, now you face a problem. You don’t know which one to choose. Should I hire long distance movers massachusetts? Someone else entirely? How do I know which is the right fit for me? The best way to narrow it down is to actually pick the most reliable one on the list. And we are going to do that by examing the reviews of the moving company. Both word of mouth and online reviews. The best way to see whether a company will fit you is to examine the reviews of their customers. Both happy and unhappy. However, let us just say upfront that no site will have 0 negative reviews. So what you want to do is to find a moving company that has a good and healthy ratio.

A picture of a to-do list
Creating a list can help you organize your thoughts more clearly.

Tip number 4: last tip for picking reliable military movers

This one is a no brainer, but still, we think it’s worth mentioning. You always want to make sure that your moving company has a DOT number. This number is just a way for a company to prove that it is legitimate. Because in order for a company to do interstate moving it has to have a number issued by the Department of Transport. Thus the D-O-T number.

Honorable mention

If a moving company requires that you pay upfront, and more than 20% of the moving quote, simply disregard that moving company. It’s probably a scam. No moving company will ask you to pay up-front or to deposit a large amount of cash.

In conclusion

There are a lot of tips we can give you for picking reliable military movers. However, if we had to narrow it down to our top picks they would be the following. Tip number 1, do not pay up-front in cash in large amounts of money. Secondly, always use legitimate, verified movers. Tip number 3, always go for local movers for the cheapest solutions. However, in the end, finding a reliable military moving company is not hard. You just have to look a bit more closely and be a bit more patient. Make sure to spend enough time reading reviews, and looking for some relatively cheap moving quotes. Since such a thing can go a long way! Given the fact that finding reliable movers is first and foremost for your safety.