Top Things to Do in New Hampshire

When we decide to move, or just visit an interesting place, it is clear to all of us that in no case do we choose places where we will not have guaranteed fun. Average and peaceful places are bypassed by most people even when they want to live more peacefully or take a break. The truth is that we want something new and exciting. New Hampshire is one of those special places that might always surprise you. Its small territory hides many secrets and amazing locations. You will be surprised if you decide to explore all the things to do in New Hampshire. Furthermore, it may happen that utter delight leads you to call Preferred Movers NH in order to arrange your move with them as fast as possible.

Living a meaningful life

Finding happiness is the goal we all strive towards. Some find it in other people, some in everyday things and some in places all around them. This need is reflected in ours even when we are looking for a place where we will spend our vacation. It is especially expressed when we are planning a move and looking for a new place to live. If you are interested in exploring the beauty of New Hampshire, you won’t be disappointed. When finding things to do in New Hampshire it is important to please yourself. As always, a simple visit like this one can be led to a much greater thing. So, don’t restrain yourself. If you come across a place you love, and if this happens again, local movers NH will be there to quickly deliver your belongings to the new address, each time.

There are so many things to do in New Hampshire and so many places to visit
Discover the hidden gems

New Hampshire is the place to be

This is one of the smallest US states, located on the east coast in the New England region. Regardless of the fact that its size is not something that promises, the location and natural beauty will leave you breathless. The fact that New Hampshire is divided into geographical regions speaks of the fact that all the natural beauties can be accommodated in such a small space. You can see the Great North Wood region, White Mountains region, seacoast, Lake region, Merrimack Valley, the Monadnock, and the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee areas. This is a real little paradise for nature lovers.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that New Hampshire has numerous small and large cities. If you’re not the type to spend nights out camping, you also have plenty of options. The choice between the calmer ones and the more exciting ones is big enough. Also, what can make you decide to move there are some of the ways to save while moving to NH. So, see what are the best places in NH and relocate there. You won’t regret it!

How to decide what things to do in New Hampshire?

It is easy. Focus on what you like. At least, around here you can visit:

  • Attractive cities and towns in New Hampshire
  • Wonders and beauties of nature
  • Popular attractions
  • Cultural hint

The good thing is that you can make visits on your own or organize guided tours. Also, in accordance with what pleases you, choose fewer or more visited places.

Visit fairy-tale places

In addition to the big cities, which are worth mentioning, New Hampshire also hides a few gems. These are the small places that look like postcards. Rockingham County in New Hampshire is a specific region if you want to have tours through the cities and towns. Right there you can find New Castle, Hampton Falls, Portsmouth, Raymond, and Stratham. You won’t need much time to visit these smaller places, but entertainment will be guaranteed.

Town in New Hampshire
Visiting hidden places is the right thing to do in New Hampshire

The most beautiful lighthouse on the east coast

New Castle is one of the most interesting places you can visit. Apart from the fact that it is placed entirely on islands, it is home to a United States Coast Guard station. Despite the fact that this place is sparsely populated, it is really popular. With its white lighthouse on the coast, it looks very fairy-tale-like. It is the perfect place for all those who want a bit of peace. It is very well known among the movers New Castle teams of professionals because they already have the experience and knowledge to move you here from any part of the US. While enjoying the wind from the ocean, you can listen to the beautiful legends related to this place and learn a lot.

A little bigger bite

Slightly larger than New Castle, but also a very interesting place is Hampton Falls. It is interesting that this is one of the earliest inhabited cities. This is why this place is so interesting and the history is rich. The place is full of historical buildings. The place is perfect for all those who would like a bit of peace within reach of big cities. Boston and Portsmouth are just a few miles away. This can be a beautiful place to live in. Additionally, movers from Hampton Falls will be there to help you transfer your entire home if you decide that this could be a place for you.

There are so many things to do in New Hampshire, if you visit Portsmouth

This is the only big city on our list of interesting places for two reasons. The first is that, in general, you will find more interesting things about larger cities at the first glance. The more famous is the more attractive for tourists. Another reason is that it can be a great starting point for visiting smaller towns. Portsmouth is distinctive because it is a historic seaport and a popular summer tourist destination. The city is attractive because of its pleasant climate, beautiful panorama, and cultural events. This is one of those places in New Hampshire that always has something going on.


Raymond is one of those peaceful historical places in the heartlands of New Hampshire. This is a quiet place surrounded by small towns and nature, so it can be perfect for your vacation. The best movers in Raymond will be close if you decide otherwise.

House in the field
There are so many small and beautiful places in New Hampshire

Town on the river

All the mentioned places have a special charm and spirit of past times that is very easy to feel. Near the Squamscott River and Winnicut River you can see one of those small places like Stratham. This is one of those places where people live peacefully and in harmony with nature. For people who are used to the busy life of big cities, this can be a real refreshment. If you fall in love with this place, Stratham movers will advise you or help you move easily.

There are so many things to do in New Hampshire when you go outside

As we have already mentioned, New Hampshire is a place of exceptional natural beauty. Its position between the mountains and the ocean creates a unique image. For nature lovers, this is the place to be and they know there are so many things to do in New Hampshire. The beautiful mountains located in this place provide many opportunities for leisure. Walking and biking tours are among the most popular attractions in the mountains. Mount Monadnock State Park can be the best choice if you want to spend time outside with your family. These locations are especially attractive in winter, you know why. Let’s not forget about the magnificent lakes and how we can spend some quality time there. Lakes region seaplane tour is among the most popular activities. There are also a large number of camp places, and walking and hiking paths you can follow.

Person is hiking
If you step out of your comfort zone you will see that there are so many things to do in New Hampshire

Places and events that make people come

People who bring families with them on vacation, especially with small children, can have it very easily in New Hampshire. It is usually difficult for them to find places that will be interesting for all family members. However, this is a place where they and their loved ones can relax and have fun.

Holidays are time spent with family

Santa’s Village is something you can not miss. This is one of the funniest things to do in New Hampshire. We talk about a Christmas-themed amusement park located in Jefferson. There are 23 rides and each one has Christmas as its theme. The rides are designed for families with children under age 13, but if you have little ones, walking through the park can be a nice experience for them.

Cog on top of the mountain

The Mount Washington Cog railway is a real adventure taking into account the fact that this world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway. The railway climbs Mount Washington and it uses a Marsh rack system. With both steam and biodiesel-powered locomotives it can carry tourists to the top of the mountain. This is a great way to rest, enjoy, and see the scenery. It’s also great for all ages.

Discover some funny things to do in New Hampshire
This will be a real adventure

Bring a little bit of fantasy into your day

Story Land is probably the kid’s favorite location if you are looking for entertaining things to do in New Hampshire this might be it. As they say, this is the place where children and their unstoppable imaginations can run free. You will have more fun than expected. They have rides, shows, and many attractions to see. Additionally, everything looks like a fairy tale. This whole fairy-tale attraction is located in a valley, below the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which adds to the beauty.

A park that was an inspiration to writers

One of the most interesting places is for sure Canobie Lake Park. This is an amusement park in Salem, near Boston. This attraction was founded as a trolley park on the shore of Canobie Lake but today it is a lot more. Park is featured with botanical gardens but it has a few amusement rides.

Trips where you learn something about the world and yourself are the best

Despite the fact that every tour can be organized and activities can be planned to fill your day, unforeseen circumstances can always occur. Unfortunately, we use those gaps to visit cultural events and always find ourselves amazed. This time make sure to have these on your bucket list because you will not regret it.

Lake and the forest
There are so many things to explore

Museums all around

There are more than fifty museums around the state. Before you make a list, make sure to stay focused on the things you like or you can explore something you have never seen before. There are museums of history, art, and science. In addition to museums that are not suitable for children, you can take your little ones to ship museums or to explore the ocean depths.

Treat yourself to moments of enjoyment

One of the best ways to spend quality time in New Hampshire is certainly a visit to the theater or opera. A simple internet search can give you information about the nearest cultural institutions as well as the monthly program. It is certain that you will find something that you like and that you would like to watch or listen to. It is easy to find the right things to do in New Hampshire if you are ready to explore and try something new. There are so many beautiful, undiscovered places, and attractions worth visiting. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, magnificent nature awaits you. All you have to do is contact us, and we will help you have a flawless relocation and enjoy as soon as you can.