Top NH cities for families with kids

Raising kids is a task that many of us fear. We look forward to it with excitement, but there is a bit of nervousness involved too. Are we going to be good parents to our kids? Will we be able to afford everything that they might need? How difficult will it be to bring them up properly? We would like to raise our kids as confident and knowledgable young people with good manners. We will do whatever we can to make them happy. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they have a safe and interesting childhood. How do we do this nowadays? The role of a parent has never been more important and more difficult to play. Therefore, to help you find the best place for you to raise your family, we have compiled a list of top NH cities for families with kids. Let’s check them out.

Top NH cities for families with kids will have great outdoor options of outdoor activities
Your child needs to spend outdoors and NH can offer plenty of such options

Welcome to New Hampshire

Before you decide to move to the state of New Hampshire, you should get to know it first. We’ll help you out with that.

New Hampshire is a state in New England bordering Maine to the East, Vermont to the west and Massachusetts to the south. Look eastwards and you will be met with a sight of Maine and the Atlantic ocean. If you would like to go to Canada, you could. All that you would have to do to get there is to drive north.

New Hampshire is a state that has large spaces of wilderness, while its towns are built in a pretty old and traditional style. One of the best-known facts about New Hampshire is that no income tax nor state tax are collected in the state. Therefore, your salary’s worth remains with you in its full extent unlike in some other states in the USA. This allows the local folks to get better and complete service more easily than in other states. For example, if you are moving, packing services New Hampshire would be more accessible to you given the fact that more money would remain in your pocket.

Top NH cities for families with kids

Now seems like the right time to take a look at the top NH cities for families with kids. We are going to rely on the information provided by mainly, but we will use other sources of information as well. If you are going to be moving with kids, bear with us and find out what are the top NH cities for families with kids. We are going to present you the top four:

  • Hanover
  • Lee
  • Greenland
  • Amherst

Hanover, NH is the best city to move to if you are looking to raise a family

Hanover is a city situated to the northwest from the capital of the state, Concord. This is a rather small place with slightly more than 11,000 residents. The reasons behind its such high rating are plentiful. One of them is the fact that the housing market is pretty healthy here. As a matter of fact, a large portion of residents here own their homes. This is not something that you would expect in today’s economy. Therefore, if you decide to move to Hanover, make sure to contact Preferred Movers NH for the best moving deals.

Parents holding baby shoes in between their hands
NH has some of the best cities and towns to raise a family, nationwide

Living in Hanover means living in a place with a rural feel to it. The life is very calm and easygoing, while the residents form a close-knit community. Given the natural aspects of this place, you can be sure that your children will have more than a place or two to spend quality time outdoors.

Finally, public schools available here are kept in very high regard. Enroll your kids in schools of your choice and you should not fear for their future.

Lee is one of the top NH cities for families with kids

Lee, NH is another tiny community located in Strafford County close to Rochester, NH. It is situated much closer to the Atlantic ocean. In fact, half an hour by car and you can be in the center of Portsmouth, NH, on the Atlantic shore.

Some of the best characteristics of living in Lee, NH include the following:

  • The quality of public schools
  • Family friendliness
  • Labor market
  • Security

Just like in Hanover, the majority of residents own their homes. The median home price here is $323,900. Healthy housing market includes the need for high-quality moving services. This is the point when you have to make the right choice – Preferred Movers NH.

Greenland, NH

If you are still looking at the top NH cities for families with kids, but have been unable to find the best place for your family, let us suggest Greenland, NH.

The smallest of the so-far mentioned places, Greenland has got a lot to offer. It is a town located in Rockingham County, in near proximity to Portsmouth and its international airport. The western part of the town lies on the shore of the Great Bay. Such scenery and the overall landscape of New Hampshire can be very attractive to artists and musicians for example vacation rental cleaning in bay area. Therefore, if you are a piano player and are looking to move somewhere where the surroundings would inspire you to create a new masterpiece for piano, Greenland could be the perfect place for you. Local piano movers New Hampshire can help you bring this amazing instrument to your new home.

Image of a man playing a piano
Looking to write a new piece for a piano, but lack inspiration? NH nature is here to help!

Greenland is a very family-friendly city with affordable housing, great public schools and plenty of options for outdoor activities. On the other hand, the job market is not in as good a state as in the previously mentioned cities. Therefore, it is our suggestion to move here once you have secured your permanent employment.

Amherst, NH

Amherst, NH is a place closely located to Manchester (by the sea) and occupies the forth and the last place on our list of top NH cities for families with kids.

Amherst shares the same good characteristics with the previously mentioned cities. On the other hand, there are other aspects in which it could use improvement. One of them surely is the boost on the housing market. Currently, housing is far from affordable for the local conditions. Still, most residents do own their homes. Politically speaking, Amherst is home to residents who tend to view things from the liberal point of view. Apart from the housing market, weather and nightlife represent the main reasons why this lovely place does not rate a bit more highly.