Top family-friendly cities in New Hampshire

Deciding where to settle down with your family is not something you should do overnight. There will be a lot of new variables entering the equation. Fortunately, there are a lot of wonderful family-friendly cities in New Hampshire. Also, as some of the best movers in NH, we are equipped with knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of choosing your new city. You need a place with a great community and a neighborhood you can’t wait to spend your days in. You need a city with a lot of good job opportunities and a quality education system. We know how much responsibility this is. Therefore, we will talk to you about some of the best options available, so that when the time comes for you to move, you can be sure you’ve chosen the perfect fit.

Researching the family-friendly cities in New Hampshire

Before you start researching different cities in New Hampshire and hiring the best local movers NH, there will be a few things you’ll have to consider. To choose the perfect place for you and your family, you should take some time to decide what your priorities are. Therefore, get your notepad ready and start your investigation. Are you looking for a job? You can find a city with a lot of great opportunities to develop a career. Is the education of your kids the most important thing to you? You’ll find some great schools and universities across New Hampshire. So, talk to your family and decide what to look for and we’ll recommend some places to choose from.

A family packing for their New Hampshire move
Take this chance to enjoy some time with your family.

Family-friendly cities in New Hampshire can be a uniquely diverse group of places

Perhaps the best thing about investigating family-friendly cities in New Hampshire is the fact that you’ll certainly find a place suited to your specific taste. There are a lot of different factors that make a city family-friendly. The importance of these factors varies from one family to another. A lot depends on you and your lifestyle, so it’s important to inform yourself about a few places. After some research, you will learn a lot about your opportunities and you will be able to make an informed decision when choosing your new hometown. Some places offer a more exciting social environment, while some are calm and peaceful, with a tight-knit community. Some of the best movers Manchester NH can help you move to the city of your choosing. Whatever you need, you’ll be able to find it here.

Top 10 family-friendly cities in New Hampshire

When you’re looking for the right environment to settle in with your family, you should have a lot of options to compare and choose from. Because of that, we have created a list of the best family-friendly cities in New Hampshire so we can ensure that you’ll find exactly the best place for you and your loved ones. As the rare movers Rockingham County who truly care about all clients, we are here to make sure all of you are ready and excited for your new beginning. Therefore, we’ll tell you a bit about all ten of the cities on our list, so you can prepare for your relocation in the best way possible.

We’ve chosen by relying on our years of experience with relocation in New Hampshire. Firstly, different people have different tastes. That’s why we have dedicated our attention to making sure that the choices on the list are diverse and exciting. Secondly, we know that you need access to quality education, recreation, and healthcare facilities, and a good community for your family. So, although we will recommend some very different places, they can all offer what you need. Here are our top ten family-friendly cities in New Hampshire:

  • North Hampton
  • Amherst
  • Nashua
  • Stratham
  • Hollis
  • Londonderry
  • Bedford
  • Hampton
  • Hanover
  • Portsmouth
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Good movers can make your journey both memorable and successful.

North Hampton

The town of North Hampton is a beautiful seaside town in Rockingham County, on New Hampshire’s Atlantic coast. It’s a charming place populated by about 4,500 people, with a rich history and some wonderful pieces of Victorian and Edwardian architecture. For example, its Town Hall is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. When it comes to the people of North Hampton, married couples and families make up the majority of the population. Although not very big, the town is home to many small businesses and the median income gets to about $72,500 for a family. If you like this charming place and you’re looking for professional movers or storage units near North Hampton NH, we can provide everything you need. Therefore, moving here will be stress-free, fitting for a peaceful town such as this one.


With around 11,000 people living in it, Amherst isn’t too big, but it still has a great community. The town often finds a mention on lists like this one and its residents love it. There are many events here, held to welcome both new citizens and those who are just passing through. In a peaceful little place like this one, Amherst Parks and Recreation Department has an opportunity to shine. The annual Fourth of July celebration is a must-see and so are all the other events mostly held at the town’s village, which remained the center of the community and interesting happenings. We definitely recommend visiting the Amherst Country Club & Ponemah Green, as well as the Amherst Farmers’ Market. Since Amherst’s high school is considered to be among the top fifty high schools in the state, the education side of things surely won’t disappoint.


If you’re a fan of something bigger than what we’ve talked about so far, you might want to know about the city of Nashua. After Manchester, its the second largest city in New Hampshire’s Hillsborough County, with 91,322 residents according to the 2020 census. In annual surveys by the magazine “Money”, Nashua was named “Best Place to Live in America” on two separate occasions. A major regional shopping destination, the city has two major medical centers, as well as a growing industry rooted in technology, finance, and defense. With an abundance of quality schools and four different colleges, Nashua can provide a great education to your children. For every detail you want to work out and learn, some of the most reliable movers Nashua NH has to offer are just a call away. Feel free to reach out.

Aerial view of the road in one of the family-friendly cities in New Hampshire
Nashua looks even better when you see it for yourself.


Home to around 7,300 people, Stratham is a small but successful town. The Timberland Corporation headquarters are right here, as well as a Lindt chocolate factory. Students from here are well taken care of in various middle and elementary schools, while Exeter High School stands open to them afterward. We recommend visiting this gorgeous small town before you decide where to move, as it certainly can charm everyone.


Located about an hour north of Boston and an hour south of Manchester NH, Hollis has a small farming community. It has some wonderful hiking trails and more than a few parks. Most of the residents in this town own their own homes and the public schools are rated highly. The median home value gets to about $433,000 and the town is populated by around 8,000 people. With a median household income approaching $132,000, the town offers a lot of good job opportunities and you can build a beautiful family life here.


Known for its beautiful apple orchards and located in western Rockingham County, Londonderry is a town with a population of 25,826 people. Married couples make up more than sixty percent of the people here and the place has a growing economy. Therefore, you’ll find a town great for family life, with job opportunities to support you. Along with famous orchards, Londonderry is home to a Coca-Cola bottling facility and Stonyfield Farm, an organic dairy company. Reliable and experienced movers Londonderry NH are also here to help you and take care of your relocation, so investigate your options and don’t be afraid to reach out.


Since the town of Bedford is a suburb of Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, it offers you the best of both worlds. Firstly, you get the proximity of the big city and all the possibilities that come with it. Secondly, you’ll live in a place with a population of 23,322 people, which offers just enough excitement and opportunity, but with all the peace and comfort of a small town. With six different schools available to your children, Bedford is a great option for pursuing a quality education. Most of the Bedford residents own their own homes and you can expect a lot of gorgeous parks and coffee shops to keep your spare time interesting.

Packed boxes ready for relocation
Pack and label your boxes. One of the cities on our list will soon win you over.


During the summer, Hampton turns into a great vacation spot, while offering you peace and a cozy coastal atmosphere during the winter. It’s populated by 16,214 people. You’ll have a lot of fun things to see and to do. The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival is a great tourist attraction. Moreover, the Hampton Beach State Park and the Fuller Gardens are always worth visiting. Affordable housing and good schools, crowned with the Winnacunnet High School make Hampton one of the best family-friendly cities in New Hampshire. If you decide to choose this charming town, find out more about the best movers Hampton NH can recommend and enjoy your journey.


Located in Grafton County, on the Connecticut River, the town of Hanover is a popular option for young families. It’s home to almost 12,000 people. You’ll find a lot of interesting opportunities if you’re looking for a job. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful nature coming from the Appalachian Trail crossing the town. However, Hanover’s most famous asset is probably its Ivy League university – Dartmouth College. Give this place a chance and you might just find the perfect fit for you and your family.


The town of Portsmouth is one of the favorite options for family life. Its public schools are highly rated and the population amounts to 21,418 people, many of whom are young professionals. Around half of the people own their homes and the median home value is $456,200. The town has a rich history and many interesting places you should visit. We recommend The Music Hall, the Strawbery Banke Museum, and the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, to name a few. With some of the best movers Portsmouth NH, your relocation can be a wonderful fresh start. Don’t hesitate and give us a call.

Portsmouth is one of the best family-friendly cities in New Hampshire
The harbor in Portsmouth is both busy and worth visiting.

Find a reliable moving company

When you’re already investigating family-friendly cities in New Hampshire, you’re beginning a very important journey. Because of that, you should make sure you have the right people by your side. Movers from the area you’re researching are always a good idea, not only because of their help during the relocation process but also because of their knowledge and experience when it comes to New Hampshire. If you want to investigate a bit more, if you need packing services NH residents recommend, or if you just want to focus on your family while trained professionals handle the heavy lifting, don’t hesitate and reach out. We will be happy to lend a hand. Our goal is to make sure you have a great and unforgettable moving experience. Therefore, we will do everything we can to help you prepare.

Choosing one of the top family-friendly cities in New Hampshire

The time has come for you to plan your relocation. Whether you love the small-town charm of North Hampton or you’re looking for a home of esteemed education facilities like Hanover, our list was here to cover all the bases and to make sure you can find a perfect fit for your unique taste. You have an important decision in front of you, but that doesn’t have to be intimidating. Take your time, do some research, visit the destination you like the most, and allow yourself to enjoy the process. There are a lot of family-friendly cities in New Hampshire and you’ll be able to make one of them your home. Something like that may just be an adventure of a lifetime for everyone involved. Talk to your family, compare all the different options, and take your time. Your fresh start awaits you in New Hampshire.