Top challenges of moving locally in Amesbury

Moving locally in Amesbury usually means that you are moving within a 50 miles area. A local move is easier but it can also be challenging. Especially if you are moving for the first time. In this case, you should consider contacting some of the many moving companies in Massachusetts and ask for advice and quotes. Even if you are moving locally, you will probably need help with transporting some of your larger and bulkier furniture pieces.

Two ways for moving locally in Amesbury

First of all, you should make a choice whether you will relocate on your own or you will hire professional help. There are a couple of challenges for both ways. If you decide to do it by yourself, you will have to do some serious planning and you will definitely need help from friends or family to do some heavy lifting. On the other hand, if you decide to get help from some of the moving companies Amesbury MA, you will have more time to focus on the other things and avoid heavy lifting. Even better if the company you choose has a packing service. Don’t be fooled by the closeness of your new home. You will still have to pack and secure everything, only it is for a shorter transport.

mom and daughter packing
Moving on your own is hard

Packing – one of the biggest challenges for local relocation

The obvious challenge is actually a plus side at the same time, and this is moving nearby. When people are relocating somewhere close by, they tend to simplify the move. For example, you decide to loosely pack your belongings in a box, bag, or anything similar probably thinking it just should hold up for a short while. By doing so, without properly securing your items, you are risking damaging everything.

It actually doesn’t matter if you will carry it across the street or drive it for half an hour, they can still break and damage. So instead of taking that risk, make sure that you pack and secure everything. Moving somewhere close does not guarantee you an easy, successful relocation. Consider a packing service Amesbury if you have valuable artwork or bulky furniture. Better to have professionals do the packing if there is something valuable and breakable.

Start to prepare on time

Another challenge that people are easily misguided is time. Do not wait for the last moment to start planning and packing. Preparing for a move will still require a certain time to finish everything. If you have decided to hire a moving company, like us at Preferred Movers, then start with the process of choosing at least a few weeks before an actual moving day. As soon as you choose your movers and they confirm a moving date, you can go on with preparation. It is important to agree on a moving date with a moving company. This way you will avoid the possibility that they do not have the time for your relocation later on.

clocks on a white surface
You will need a lot of time to prepare

Declutter everything before you start packing

Usually when people are moving long distances or across the state, they will try to minimize all belongings they want to move. There are a few reasons for this. First, you don’t want to crowd your new home with unnecessary junk and stuff. Second, long distance movers MA will have to get a larger truck for transport. This will cost you more and it doesn’t pay off to pay more for the stuff you won’t be needing. So instead of making that mistake, you need to start decluttering everything. Start with simple things like clothes, souvenirs, and miscellaneous items.

Take out everything and make a pile of stuff you want to keep and other piles of stuff you can donate or throw out. Keep on with furniture, artwork, decorations, etc. Have in mind that this will take you a long time to finish. It is best to start to declutter a couple of months or weeks before a relocation. Even if you are moving locally in Amesbury it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it right.

Organize help for moving locally in Amesbury

Local relocation can be accomplished without the help of professionals. However, you should invest a little extra time and energy in planning. One more thing that needs to be on your list of tasks is to get help for moving day. If you are keen on saving some money on moving, you can move everything smaller by yourself.

You will need help with larger items, like furniture. Make sure that you get help from your friend and family for the moving day. Also, let them know in advance so they have a free day when needed. In case you can’t get help from friends, you can contact local movers and check their prices. Usually, movers charge hourly for local moves. This is a good thing if you have already done everything else and you only need help with transportation.

a couple packing
Get some help if you want to complete everything on time

Plan out a moving day

There are a couple of things to remember on a moving day. If you have kids, you should organize somebody to watch them on the day. This is an advantage of moving locally. You can finish with the relocation and come back to pick up your kids. Get them out of the way during the move, so your movers can do the job freely and keep your children safe. There are a lot of potentially dangerous things like tools, ladders, fragile boxes that can hurt the kids.

Finally, whether you decide to hire help or relocate on your own, don’t be misguided by the closeness of your move. Make a list of tasks and plan everything in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to do everything if you want to relocate stress-free. The biggest challenge of moving locally in Amesbury is to decide between a DIY move and a moving company. Choose carefully the best thing for yourself.