Top 5 reasons why people use storage

If you have any question about storage facility, here you can find those answers. The USA has more than 52,000 storage units across the country and more and more people are renting it. But, what are the reasons why people use storage facilities?

What is a storage unit?

A simple explanation is that Self-Service storage is a type of industry where storage spaces are rented. Some people are renting them for a couple of days, and some are renting them for a whole year or even more. You can rent it for your own needs and also for a company’s needs too. Good storage units have a security system, controlled-temperature spaces or any other request that you want. So, you do not have to worry about your items inside of storage.

Types of storage facilities

Now, when you know what a storage unit is, you also should know that there are many different types. Different people have different needs, so storage units are different too.


  • Traditional Storage unit – This is a place where you can put things you do not use that often, for example, Christmas decoration and off-season clothing. You can take them whenever you want. At the same time, this is one of the main reasons why people use storage.


  • Self-Storage unit – Clutter in your home or in the office can give you a lot of stress. Luckily for you, it does have a solution. Self-storage unit is some kind of extra room for your items.
  • Storage in Transit – This type of storage is a more unique option, but it has a lot of advantages. This type will allow you to keep your items in your moving truck. That also means they will be accessible all the time to you.

The most common 5 reasons why people use storage?

If you were wondering why people use and rent a storage unit, there are a lot of reasons why.

1. No space at home

This is one of the main reasons why people use storage because they want more space in the house. Which is logical. Your home and office should be clean and decluttered. Look around you and you will see at least five items you do not use often. So, why to keep them in your house? You can choose between different storages, small or big. It depends on how much items do you have to store inside. Your home or office space will look much prettier after decluttering and cleaning it. Broken or damaged items you can throw away because they cannot be used anymore. But if items in a good condition, then rent a storage unit and store those items there.

Dining room
Your home will be better when it has fewer items and when it is clean.

2. Moving process

You did everything for your moving day. You hired a reliable moving company, pack your boxes, transfer your documents, but your new home is not ready yet. You cannot keep boxes and furniture in the moving truck or in a hotel until the house is ready. That is why people use storage unit when moving. If you rent a storage facility, you will not have worries about the safety of your household items. Also, if you are moving a lot because of your job, a storage unit is a perfect solution for your items. It is much cheaper than rent for a house or apartment.

House for sale
Sometimes when you are selling your home, you must move your furniture sooner than you think.

3. Renovating home

After a while, all of us want to renovate and to change a home a little bit. But, that process is easier when you do not have furniture around you. Especially if it is a big renovation, it is almost impossible to renovate a home. Self-storage will be a temporary shelter for all your belongings. After that, you can renovate your home however you want. without any distraction. It is the best solution in this case.

Man renovating home
By storing your items in a storage unit, you will renovate your home without any obstacles.

4. Changes in relationship

If you are getting married, or you want to move to your partner’s home. Or, on the other hand, you are getting a divorce. That includes moving and changing a location. For some people, divorce is not a planned situation, so when one of the partners is moving out, he/she has a lot of items and no place to store them. Also, if your partner is moving in, you need to make more space for his/her items. That can be accomplished if you get rid of your stuff, or the better solution is to store those items in a storage unit. You can hire professional packing services and your belongings will be safe.

5. Storing collections or equipment

Many people have collections or sports equipment or musical instruments, but they do not have enough space for them. Some people want to rent a storage unit for their vehicles. Companies also use storage units for their office supplies and documents they do not use. That is why many companies and individuals use a storage unit.

Any collection is valuable, so store them and keep them safe in a storage facility.

If you are now thinking to rent a storage unit because of one of these reasons or because of something else, it is always a good idea. Storage units have a lot of advantages, so use them. More and more people are renting them to store their items and they are very satisfied. These were not all the reasons why people use storage, but they are the most common. Of course, there are a lot more reasons, and if you have just one of the reasons, the best solution is to rent a storage facility.