Top 10 colleges in Massachusetts to attend

Let us start this article off by a simple fact. Massachusetts is one of the top states in US education-wise. Therefore, it is no wonder that you can find many great colleagues there. So many in fact that you might become overwhelmed by the amount of choice. And let’s be frank here, future students are already facing a tough choice. Choosing the subject of your studies will determine your future (in most cases). So the burden of choosing a school to attend is just an additional point of stress. With that in mind, we decided to compile a list of top 10 colleges in Massachusetts. Choosing any of these will ensure you receive a top-notch education. So, without further ado, let’s give them a look, shall we?


Starting off on our list is one of the most famous research institutions in the world – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT for short. In truth, this educational facility is the wonderland for students looking to major in of the STEM fields. Not only does it research the standard natural sciences, but this institution is also the part of the space-grant college’s program. What does it mean? In short, MIT is deeply involved in space research! On top of that, Boston Dynamics, an MIT spin-off company and one of the leading companies in the field of applied robotics, serves as a testament to the college’s involvement in this exotic research as well. Because it’s such sci-fi heaven, MIT will never be missed on any list of top 10 colleges in Massachusetts, or the world for that matter!

MIT building front
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the many fine examples of quality colleges in MA


What would a list of top 10 colleges in Massachusetts be without Harvard?

STEM field not really your thing? Looking for a school that is more society-oriented? Look no further than the world-famous Harvard University! There is a reason why this school is so often mentioned in series and moves. Simply put, it’s one of the world’s best schools for subjects like law, business, medicine, and humanities. A perfect example of its quality would be professor Michael J. Sandel’s course “Justice” that has been turned into TV series and an online lecture with thousands of attendees yearly! The more athletic amongst you will find another amazing thing about Harvard interesting. It’s long-standing athletic rivalry with Yale University motivated this amazing college to invest in sports, offering many great opportunities for young athletes to prove themselves.

A Harvard building
Harvard – as famous for its alumni as it is for its architecture.


People looking to pursue studies in liberal arts should look no further than Amherst. Being probably the best liberal arts college in the US made is we couldn’t leave it out of our list of top 10 colleges in Massachusetts. But before you start looking into different types of moving estimates preparing for your move there, please note that the admission rate is incredibly low. That is to say, the standards of this college are very, very high, coming at about 10% acceptance rate.

Tufts University

If you are looking for a career that will help you see the world and be facing outward towards the abroad countries, Tufts is the place for you. It also has a reputation for being a good research university. All of this easily contributed to it being considered one of the top 10 universities in Massachusets. In fact, Tufts has become so popular that our friends at movers Salisbury MA, could tell you just how many people from the area they helped move in into its campuses. Yes, campuses, plural, or is it campi? Either way, the campuses of this amazing college spread around and within Boston, as well as in Grafton, MA. However, they also have a satellite campus in Talloires, France, giving Tufts students a chance to enjoy a summer program in Europe!

Wellesley College – one of the top 10 colleges in Massachusetts

Next up on our list of top 10 colleges in Massachusetts is a liberal arts school with a twist. Williams College is exclusively female in its attendees. This makes admission percentages a bit higher than the other colleges on this list, however, the competition is still fierce. With 98% of its attendees living on the campus itself, the college sees a lot of traffic when it’s time to move in our out. For that reason, if you are moving into this campus you might want to consider renting out a storage unit with storage North Hampton NH, as it will allow you to move most of your things in after the rush of the first moves has died down.

Williams College

Another liberal arts college that made our list of top 10 colleges in Massachusetts is Williams College. Apart from liberal arts, students coming to study at this amazing institution can look forward to both strong humanities and a strong curriculum in natural sciences. There is also another amazing thing about Williams College – its location. Being set amongst rolling hills with a mountain in the background give some very scenic views to this academic institution.  And there is no better way to cope with the moving stress than enjoying a nice day out!

Northeastern university – easily one of the top 10 colleges in Massachusetts

Maybe not as famous as Harvard or MIT, Northeastern still has something that easily lands it on the list of top 10 universities in Massachusetts. That is its R1 ranking reserved for “Doctoral Universities: Highest Research Activity”. Another thing that makes Northeastern stand out is its expansive study abroad program in cooperation with around 170 universities and colleges around the world.

Boston College

An unusual addition to our list, the Boston college is primarily a Jesuit research university. However, this doesn’t mean its doors aren’t open to any other religious group. In fact, if studying psychology is something that you find appealing, you might just want to give it a try. Another somewhat unusual thing about it is that it lacks Greek-letter societies.   This, however, encourages students to form relationships through shared interests and the like.

Smith College

Another all-female, liberal arts college made our list. However, Smith College is much more than just that. Along with Amherst, it is a member of Five Colleges Consortium. Also, it pays a lot of attention to social justice and making sure all groups are equally represented! This all results in Smith College School for Social Work is known as one of the best Social Works schools nationwide.

Boston University

Last but not least is Boston University. With its two urban campuses in Boston and satellite campuses in London, Paris, Sydney, Washington DC and Los Angeles, Boston university will certainly give you a chance to travel. It also offers well-regarded degrees, especially in medical, dental, law and business fields.

Boston University building in vines
Boston University will give you a great chance of traveling for your studies!

Choosing one of these top 10 colleges in Massachusetts

We are going, to be honest, here – choosing one of these top 10 colleges in Massachusetts will not be easy. They are all, after all, excellent academic institutions. Whichever you chose you will be set on a good path in life, so all that remains is to take the first step.