Tips to pack breakables for your NH move

Packing is one of the main and longest things you have to do when you’re moving. No matter if you’re packing yourself or you’re using packing services NH has to offer, you need to pack all your things properly so that they are not broken or damaged during the relocation. And because fragile items are so delicate, we’ll show you how to quickly pack breakables for your NH move.

How to successfully pack breakables for your NH move

Once you start packing, if you do it yourself it often seems endless. But don’t worry, Preferred Movers NH is here to give you some tips. Here are a few key things you should pay attention to when packing breakables:

  • Box size and strength
  • The number of items you pack in the box
  • the use of protective paper

A crucial tip to pack breakables for your NH move is to fix objects in boxes so that they do not move during the relocation process. Place your items in the box so that they are secured and safe from possible collisions, breakages, or falling out during the move. If you have bulky items, disassemble them if possible. If you have big musical instruments like drums or pianos, hire piano movers NH, and let them take care of the packing. They know the right techniques and have the right packing materials for this job.

a couple ready to pack breakables for your NH move
You won’t have to worry about your fragile items if you wrap them well

Safely pack your vases, sculptures, and figurines, and nothing will be broken or damaged during your relocation. The most important thing is to cover them with paper and fix them in the box. Once you’ve lined your items and made sure they won’t collide during the move, you’ve done half the work.

Get quality packing supplies!

Some of the best long distance movers New Hampshire has to offer strongly advise using sturdy boxes with secure bottoms and taping them properly. Make sure to reinforce the bottom of the box enough to hold whatever you’re putting in and don’t overpack a box.

a person taping box
Secure your boxes on the top and bottom well and you’ll successfully pack breakables for your NH move

Wine boxes are a good way to pack your wine glasses. You can find them in your local grocery store. They usually lay them up on the front, if not you can just ask somebody to help you find them, as this is one of the easiest ways to store your glasses. You can wrap them in a newspaper or put a sock over them for extra safety. In addition to glasses, plates, and similar ceramic and glass bowls and containers tend to break and/or damage during relocation. Wrap them in bubble wrap, pad them well and secure them so they don’t move. Cover them with newspaper and place them either vertically or horizontally from largest to smallest. Here is especially important that the bottom of the box is secure and not too thin.

Besides our examples, there are many other packing and crating tips. It is up to you to figure out what works best for your needs. Follow provided tips and we guarantee you’ll pack breakables for your NH move in no time.