Tips to keep in mind when moving houseplants

Moving is difficult. Add to it extra events and it becomes worse. One such extra event is moving houseplants. It is the absolute most dreadful task you could possibly imagine doing. There are so many additional things you need to do in order to do it right. The fact of the matter is, moving houseplants means you have to do everything you would normally do in a move with the addition of extra steps. Extra steps that are demanding and far from easy.

Fortunately, many companies were kind enough to enlist moving houseplants amongst their portfolios of services that they offer. This has made it significantly easier for many people feeling entirely lost when it comes to this aspect of moving. On the other side, the internet has become a very rich vault of knowledge when it comes to moving topics. If you feel lost about this, or any other aspect of moving – do your research. It is accessible and vast. Just be careful because not all information has merit, considering that everyone has access to a keyboard and internet. Take everything with a pinch of salt.

Plants simply require to have conditions where they either have a lot of light or no light whatsoever.

Moving houseplants – the dangers

The dangers when moving houseplants are plenty. But the biggest danger about this task is ignorance.Ignorance could potentially end up costing you your favorite plants. What does it, however, mean to be ignorant? Ignorance, in this case, would basically mean that you underestimated the entire process of moving houseplants. People often make a mistake thinking that it is not something that difficult. This is a dire mistake because the moment you start underestimating the process is the moment where you are risking plenty.

People who have houseplants are usually people who like taking very good care of them. As plants are not furniture, but living creatures, they take a lot of punishment and the relocation can be extremely stressful for them. Especially if the relocation is a lengthy one. The longer they have to spend in the back of a truck – the more punishment they endure. This is why you need to take extra precautionary measures when moving houseplants. You need to set the environment in a way where it is at least bearable for the plants. This will, unfortunately, inquire extra costs. And better to prepare for that now.

Extra measures

Plants have several high profile threats when it comes to relocating. First, there are plants that are sensitive to light, and those that do not appreciate darkness. These traits should be identified beforehand because the environment must be set accordingly. Secondly, some plants are weak to moisture while others desperately need a constant source of water. Again, another element that should be determined beforehand because there are many aspects of the move that need to be adapted to it. Lastly, there are plants who really wish not to be touched, with the lack of better words. These plants are extremely susceptible to physical damage. One hit the plant might take and the entire organism could wither.

Each of the categories can be present in a random order. Furthermore, some plants could have all the weaknesses combined. So, if you wish to see your plants continue to flourish you need to be extremely careful with how you plan the entire move. Again, this may inquire some extra costs. They are a lot of work, but to those that love them, they pose no work at all. Still, you need to be ready.

Houseplant and water spray
Don’t forget to give your plants water while moving

Plants susceptible to light/darkness

These plants simply require to have conditions where they either have a lot of light or no light whatsoever. These specific cases require a lot of planning and adjustments in order for them to endure no pain throughout the move. However, in the case where the move is local, or short distance such preparations are possibly not necessary. In spite of the sensitivity, these plants might have, short distance relocations that are no more than one hour are fine.

No plant is that sensitive. And if it is, it should travel in your lap or something. That much sensitivity is not meant for a truck of any sort, and possibly no truck in the world is prepared. Or at least not for any type of money us normal people are willing to spend. I am certain that there is some truck made out of pure glass, letting natural light inside, or something.

Moving houseplants
The damage on your plant can occur during the move, so be very careful while preparing it for the relocation.

Plants sensitive to physical damage

This damage can occur in one of two ways. First, this could happen during the loading phase, the unloading phase or the transportation phase. All three are potential risks that could bring some irreversible damage to your plants. There is no special technique when loading or unloading the truck to protect the plant. The one advice we are able to give you is not to be hasty about it. Take several capable hands of NH movers, and take your time. Do not try to finish everything ahead of the schedule. If you hasten the entire process you are increasing the risk of any accidents happening. It would be enough to drop the plan down a flight of stairs and you could already be in big trouble.

However, there are things you can do to prepare during the transportation phase. Make sure everything is secured tightly, and make sure that nothing that is around your plant is able to fall over in case the truck makes a sudden stop.

Best of luck!