Tips On Packing Fragile Items

You made the decision to move to a new home, congratulations! Now the process of getting your belongings together, packing them up and moving these boxes begins. The moving process can be an overwhelming process to some which is why at Preferred Movers LLC. we provide the highest quality moving assistance. From packing, to the actual move we can help with every step along the way! One of the biggest concerns when moving is transporting your fragile and cherished items. The worst feeling is arriving at your new destination and open your moving boxes to broken items you used to love. To avoid this, we have provided you with some tips on how to pack your delicate items for your big move.

What You Will Need

When it comes to packing your items, you will need boxes of different sizes to place your things in. When it comes to packing fragile and delicate belongings you will need more than just the boxes. You will want to ensure there is padding to protect things as they move around in a box. Other materials you should have include:

  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Brown Paper Tape

Double Wrap For Extra Protection

Its time to get everything packed and ready to move. You have your fragile items all together and its time to get them in their respective boxes. Before you do this you will want to wrap them properly to ensure maximum protection. To do this you will want to wrap each item first in one to two layers of bubble wrap then in two layers of packing paper. Tape up the layers and your item will look the same at the end of your move as it did at the beginning. Depending on your items durability and your own judgment you can decide between the number of layers of bubble wrap, but we highly recommend two exterior layers of packing paper.

Add Cushion To Your Moving Boxes

When it comes to moving boxes they are pretty simple, just straight cardboard. While we all wish there were padded boxes for moving easily available, you are going to have to improvise with your own cushioning methods. Get a few pieces of packing paper and scrunch them together, then add them to the bottom of your box before adding any delicate piece. Once you are done packing the box, add another layer of paper on top so that way you have a cushion on the top and bottom of the box.

Label Your Box

This tip cannot be stressed enough as there have been many instances that items were damaged simply because their container was not properly labeled for movers. To ensure a safe transport, make your movers aware of boxes with fragile items by labeling the boxes as such; “FRAGILE.” As an extra step, and to help the movers, you should also label what is inside the box so the movers will know where to put the box and it will help you as you unpack.

Leave Some Space

When you move, the boxes will be stacked and there is no guarantee that all of the heavy boxes will end up on the bottom. Sometimes heavier boxes end up stacked on top of other boxes that may contain fragile items. If your fragile box is packed to the brim then the items inside are vulnerable to being broken by the weight of the box stacked on top. To avoid this tragedy, leave an inch of space at the top of the box while you are packing a box with delicate items inside.