Tips for transporting a motorcycle when moving

As a motorcycle is a transportation vehicle, the easiest way to move it is to ride it to your destination. However, people that own motorcycles usually have other stuff to move too. It can be somewhat inconvenient to ride a motorbike and carry your furniture. That is why you need to decide whether to hire movers Manchester MA to carry your bike or to rent a trailer to drag it on your own. Here are the tips for transporting a motorcycle when moving.

Hire professionals for transporting a motorcycle when moving

Of course, it can be difficult to transport a motorbike when moving. There are so many other things to think about. So it can be difficult to devote your motorcycle attention that it deserves. That is why people mostly decide to hire moving companies Maine and let them handle your bike during a move. However, even if you decide on this approach, you will need to prepare your bike for moving.

A bmw motorcycle
If you want to make sure that your motorbike stays in perfect condition after moving, hire professionals

Transporting a motorcycle when moving without thorough inspection is not smart

Before your long distance movers arrive, you will need to make sure that your motorcycle is ready for the move. The first task is to clean it. Of course, you want to show your bike in the best light, but cleaning it will help you to locate any possible oil or gas leaks before transport.  Cleaning it will also allow you to note any scratches, dents, or imperfections before your movers arrive. Also, take photos of its conditions before you hand it over to the moving crew.

Make sure that you secure all loose parts

After you cleaned it and photographed it, take care of the loose parts. Some parts of the motorcycle are sticking out, and they could easily be broken during a move. Remove or secure them before the transport. Also, if you have some personal items on your machine, remove them too.

Check the tires and tank

Check the tire pressure. Your tires have to be inflated so that a bike can be moved. Also, do not leave a full tank of gas. If you do, the bike will be heavier and you will have to pay more for moving it.

A motorcycle gas tank
Transporting a motorcycle when moving with a full tank is not a smart decision

You will need some help for transporting a motorcycle when moving

If you decided to transport your motorcycle when moving on your own, you will need to rent a truck, van, or a trailer. Of course, you will also need to go through all those steps from above, but you will also have to find someone to help you. Getting the bike into the truck or on a trailer is not easy to do. But it is also not safe to do it on your own.

Prepare straps and a loading ramp

Transporting a motorcycle when moving also requires some additional equipment. Prepare some moving straps to secure the bike. Also, rent a loading ramp so you can lift it into a truck. And that is it! Your bike will be ready to take its first drive.