Tips for rewarding your Concord NH movers

Many people decide to hire movers to help them relocate. These trained professionals will make your relocation extremely easy. But what can you do to reward your movers? This article will show you all you need to know about rewarding your Concord NH movers. This way you will know how to show your appreciation to the movers that helped you move to a new home.

Be polite to your movers

Movers have a tough job. They need to move things flawlessly and listen to people who are stressed out. While moving people will get very impatient, stressed out or even angry. Do not be one of those people who take it out on the people that are just doing their job. Be polite and make their day a bit easier. Just by not being a bad person you are helping your movers Concord NH in away. Once they are done you should thank them and say a few nice words. This may not sound like much but it means a lot.

Rewarding your Concord NH movers with food

Doing a lot of physical activities can make you hungry very quickly. This is especially true if you have to lift, pack and organize a relocation like the movers do. You can help your movers stay energized by offering them some food. Ask them what food they like and order it. Be sure you do not order it until they are done with the work. There is nothing worse than watching your food get cold while you have to work. If you are not sure what to order you can order a pizza. This is a safe bet since there are almost no people who hate pizza.

Pizza, food is a great way of rewarding your Concord NH movers
One of the best ways of rewarding your Concord NH movers is buying them a pizza after a job well done

Offer your movers some refreshments

When you have to do a lot of work you can get thirsty quickly. No one can focus properly while extremely thirsty. You can improve the efficiency of your long distance movers Massachusetts if you offer them some refreshments. They will feel much better while they have something to drink. You should also offer them a drink while they eat the food you ordered them. But be vary if rewarding your Concord NH movers with alcohol. Some companies forbid their movers from drinking alcoholic beverages while at work. This is why soda or some cold water is a safe bet.

Rewarding your Concord NH movers with tips

The best way of rewarding your Concord NH movers is tipping. Buying food and drink can be a hit or miss. Some people do not like pizza or soda or even beer. You can’t miss if you tip your movers. This way the movers know they did a good job in your home. If they did all the work in one day 20$ is a good amount to tip. You should tip them more If they did more work than that. If they did three days of work while walking up and down the stairs with heavy furniture you should tip them from 60$-80$, this way they will surely feel appreciated. In the end, this is your decision, but tipping under 20$ will make you look cheap in the eyes of your movers.

Money, giving a tip is one of the best ways of rewarding your Concord NH movers
Giving a generous tip is one of the best ways of rewarding your Concord NH movers

How to approach the tipping

Some moving companies do not allow tipping. There are people who will argue or even fight over money. This is why you should ask their boss how to approach tipping. Sometimes you can give the money to the boss who will distribute it among the movers. But be sure you tell the movers how much money you gave to their boss. This way they will know if the boss kept the money for himself. These situations are not common since most companies will not have anything against tipping. If you want to make this process a bit more personal. Give a tip to each mover personally. Do not just give them the money, tell them a few nice words too, this will brighten up their day.

Recommend the movers to everyone you know

Rewarding your Concord NH movers can be done even after they leave your home. You can help the moving company and the movers by recommending them to your friends and family members. This way you help the company and its employees prosper with a few words of recommendation. You will not only help your movers you will also help your loved ones. If you had a good experience with a moving company so will they. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Rewarding your Concord NH movers with good moving reviews

Once you finish with your relocation you might still feel stressed out. The best way to put this all behind you is to write down a moving review. If the movers did a good job you can reward them with a good moving review. Moving reviews are a great way to help the moving company prosper since more people will hire them if they have many good reviews. But reviews have another use and that is punishing the moving scammers. If you had a bad time with a moving company you can punish them with a bad review.

Good moving reviews are a great way to help the moving company

If you have easy relocation because you hired rewarding your Concord NH movers is a great idea. With a few kind gestures, you can improve the day of a hard-working person. Do not be one of those people who take movers for granted since some relocations are almost impossible without proper help from movers.