Tips for packing your master bedroom

Have you ever thought relocation might occasionally be too hot to handle? Have you ever had time to go through all moving-related tasks? If you have, then you know packing your master bedroom is no joke. When put in closets, our belongings don’t seem to occupy a lot of space. However, once you need to pack them, it’s a lot different. To rise to the challenge, you should come up with a viable plan involving packing services NH. Chances are professional movers will give you a hand packing. As a consequence, all of your possessions will be good to go in a blink of the eye. In contrast, doing it on your own could very well come back and bite you. If you are not entirely sure how to deal with packing your master bedroom, here are a few useful tips and tricks.

Are you familiar with packing your bedroom?
How does packing your master bedroom make you feel?

What to pack first?

First of all, you need to decide what items you are going to pack prior to any others. This is important because you need to think of using your belongings until the very moment of loading them on a moving truck on their way to either your new address or to the storage unit. This means you can’t pack those you will use right before you leave your old premises. Hence, pack all the inessentials first.

To illustrate, place curtains, mirrors and spare bed linen before getting down assembling larger items such as a king-size bed, a bunk bed or a wardrobe. Also, pack your towels, PJs, and rugs first using the moving boxes of appropriate size. Then think of how to disassemble bulky possessions. In a nutshell, the very last objects you should take out from your mater suit are bed frames.

Being thorough is a master bedroom packing cornerstone

Typically, a master bedroom is the most demanding room in the house when it comes to packing. You  keep your valuables there as well as pricy wall decor, jewelry, clothes, documents of paramount importance such as

  • insurance coverage
  • mortgage papers
  • various licenses
  • contracts and agreements

Bearing this in mind, how to pack your master bedroom makes you tense. The best way to ensure you’re doing it right is to be beyond thorough. Making a moving inventory checklist is a good place to start. List all the items that are to be found in your bedroom. Then, put a tick next to them while packing. That way you’ll know that you’ve packed that particular item. When you’re through, double check if you’ve put a tick next to each and every object from a list just to be on a safe side.

A moving checklist is an ally when it comes to packing your bedroom.
Making a moving checklist facilitates packing your master bedroom

Check your master suite bathroom

More often than not, people tend to forget to pack master suite bathroom toiletries when moving. The most probable cause of negligence is being overwhelmed with moving chores you need to tackle in a short period of time. For this reason, you need to find a way of getting organized during a move. In addition, getting stressed and feeling under a lot of pressure is why packing bathroom items easily slip our mind. After all, who would prioritize packing a toothbrush, toilet paper, and a  block of soap over getting suitable moving equipment?

As this is a common pattern of people’s behavior when in the midst of a relocation fuss, you should pay close attention to packing your master suite bathroom belongings, as well. Chances are you’ll need in your new house the moment you enter it. Is there any better way to relax after a busy day that taking a shower and stop feeling irritated due to being uncomfortably sweaty?

Get proper packing supplies

Packing is daunting beyond a shadow of a doubt. The keystone of a master bedroom packing well done, however,  is getting appropriate packing supplies. That’s why you should obtain a bunch of them while bearing all the items you need to pack in mind all along. So, when you go shopping, think in terms of moving boxes of various size to pack your possessions. The end game is to excel in packing them so as to keep your items intact while moving. By the same token, get your hands on packing paper that will cover your beloved grandma’s lamp. What’s more, it will prevent your mirror from breaking. Rumor has it if a mirror breaks, seven years of unhappiness lie in store. Even though you’re not superstitious and you’re far too rational to believe in the jinx, better safe than sorry seems sensible, right?

Packing supplies is what you can't do without when packing your bedroom.
Getting adequate packing supplies is a must when packing your master bedroom

Hire pros to cover all the bases

Given the relocation might turn out to be biting off more than you chew, you should consider asking for help. It goes without saying a penny saved is a penny earned. However, hiring pros ensures master bedroom packing becomes a weight off your mind. By having them do the packing, you’re not exposing your self to constant physical effort and movements your body is not comfortable making. That’s how common moving injuries occur. Getting help thus keeps you safe and sound.

In addition, they will take care of each and every one of your precious items. Likewise, they will provide packing materials such as moving blankets, packing peanuts, versatile boxes and pins and together with pieces of professional packing equipment. So, if you’re fed up of being a bundle of nerves due to packing, give long distance movers in Maine a chance to assist you in moving.


All in all, packing your master bedroom is no picnic. You need to keep ample moving assignments in mind when doing it under your own steams. This can easily turn your move into an unpleasant experience based on the feeling of having too much on your plate. To avoid this, be meticulous, and check and double check everything just in case. Moreover, figure out the packing order. Furthermore, don’t forget to pack the master suite bathroom toiletries. Lastly, consider hiring a trustworthy moving company such as Preferred Movers to lend you a hand moving thus avoiding an opportunity of moving injuries occurrence.