Tips for packing IT equipment

If you decided that it’s time to move your business you need to be prepared for what comes next. You need to do market research and find a new suitable space for your company. After you’ve done that, you can start searching for the moving companies NH that will do your relocation. Then you can start preparing your old offices for a move. When a company is moving, a person responsible for the move will have to decide whether to move old furniture or to leave it. When business is moving it’s an ideal situation for complete company appearance redesign. So companies usually decide to sell or donate their old furniture and to invest in a new appearance. But all of their data is stored on hard drives. So, that means that at least their IT equipment will have to move. And packing IT equipment is not that easy.

Prepare for packing It equipment

Offices today have lots of IT equipment. Especially if they are operating in the IT sector. So, before you start gathering packing supplies you will need to do some preparations first.  Foremost you need to identify all IT equipment that you have and plan to move. You need to know exactly how much equipment you will move to. That is important information that you will have to provide to your designated movers Portsmouth NH before they could give you an accurate moving estimate.

Packing IT equipment in an IT company
When packing IT equipment computer screens will be the trickiest part

Also, the number of things to move is important so you would know how much packing supplies you will need. If you don’t have the original packaging you will need lots of boxes. Here are the packing supplies that you will need for packing IT equipment:

  • Packing IT equipment can’t go without boxes.
  • When you are moving IT equipment padding is the most important part of your packing arsenal.
  • Packing tapes
  • Labels
  • Transparent plastic bags of all sizes

Boxes and padding for packing IT equipment

When you buy something it usually comes in a box. And it would be good if you managed to keep the original packaging of your equipment. But, most of the time that won’t be the case. So you will need to find suitable boxes for your components. Moving services NH usually include packing supplies, so check with your movers about that. But remember to prepare one box for each piece of equipment. It should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of your equipment piece. And to have enough room for padding. For padding, you can use any soft material you can find. But bubble pack and clothes are usually the best solutions in this case.

Packing Screens

There are many pieces of IT equipment that you can find in one company. One computer has a monitor, housing, mouse, keyboard and lots of cables. So you’ll need at least two separate boxes for one computer. Furthermore, there are scanners, printers, copiers, and other specialized IT equipment.

There are many pieces of equipment in an IT company
IT companies usually have the most IT equipment

And they are all sensitive items. But some pieces require more attention than others. And that refers to screens and hard drives. Screens are the most sensitive part of your moving inventory, but hard drives are most important.  You should pack your screens in a box with lots of bubble pack all around it. And you should properly label those boxes. So that your movers know that there is a fragile item inside.

Packing Hard Drives

If you think that your computer housing will be the safest place for your hard drive then you can leave it there. But don’t forget that they will be going on a moving truck and there’s always a possibility that some boxes will roll over. Maybe it is better to pull your hard drives out and store them separately in a sturdy container with extra padding. Imagine a situation where something happens during transportation and you lose all your data. That is maybe the worst thing that could happen to a company. To lose all their data. So you need to take every possible precaution to prevent this from happening. So, heavy-duty plastic container, lots of padding and you should be fine.


When packing IT equipment there is one thing that will give you nightmares. And if you thought about cables you were right. There is no advice that could help you conquer this on your own. Of course, if you have only a few computers then it wouldn’t be a problem. But if you have networking, servers or some complicated telephone cabling system you better leave it to the professionals. 

Cables on a server
Cables will give you nightmares

It would be best if the people who are maintaining your systems could help you. If they can help you only during packing you should take photos and notes. Maybe you could put everything back together just by looking at photos and following your notes. That means that you can start working soon after you unpack. You don’t have to wait for some networking guy to show up to plug you in.

Packing IT equipment and storing

If you are moving to a smaller space that means that you will have excess equipment. You can sell that equipment, donate, recycle it, or you can store it. That all depends on your future plans, the age of your equipment and the state of it. If you think that a smaller space is a long term solution you can sell your excess items. Or you can choose to donate them if you want to be considered as a socially responsible business. And you could count on some tax deductions for charitable donations, so think about that too. If you think that maybe in the near future you could move to a larger space and hire more employees, you could rent a storage unit to keep your It equipment. Just make sure that you rent a climate-controlled storage unit to safely store your sensitive items.

Hire movers for packing IT equipment

When it comes to corporate relocations it is good to know that moving companies provide packing services as well. It is the best and safest way of moving your business. Moving IT equipment, especially with sensitive company data, is very risky. So when you are preparing for corporate relocation you should know that movers Dover NH provide professional packing services. They will securely pack your equipment and transport it to your destination.  Packing and moving your company’s IT equipment is very delicate business and it is better to be left to the professionals And any damage and data loss will be covered by insurance.