Tips for moving with pets across state lines

If you are moving with pets across state lines there are many things you will need to prepare in advance. Every state has its own laws regarding the entry of dogs, cats, birds and others. So you will have to think about vaccines, tagging and getting the right papers. You will see that it can be very time consuming and expensive to get it all done. Besides that, even more importantly you will have to prepare your pet for long distance transportation. You should also put one person in charge to pay special attention to your pet during transport. If you have no one to watch over your pet during a move maybe you should hire professional long distance movers New Hampshire to help you out. Anyhow, here’s what you’ll need to do when moving with pets across state lines.

Moving with pets across state lines – State regulations

When you are moving with your pets across state lines it is important to comply with the laws of your destination state. Every state has its own laws and even though they are usually very similar there are some differences.

Every state has it's own laws regarding moving pets across state lines
When you are moving your pets across state lines you need to know the laws

So the best way to inform yourself about the laws of the state you are moving to is to contact state veterinarian. This is the fastest way to get the most reliable information on the laws regarding your pet. Be sure to do it well in advance, if you are moving on short notice you will need to hurry. You don’t want to get caught with your pet without the right paperwork or you will be prosecuted.

Usually, you will need to have:

  • Interstate health certificate – When moving with pets across state lines you will need an interstate health certificate. You will need to have it for your dog or horse in almost every state. If you own a cat or a bird maybe you won’t need one, ask the state veterinarian about it.
  • Entry permit – There are some animals that need to have special entry permits that are issued by the state regulatory agency. And you or your vet can apply for it. Maybe you will need to show the health certificate when you apply for the permit. So be sure you have it before applying for an entry permit.
  • Rabies vaccination – All states require dogs to get a vaccine against rabies and some require it for cats, too.
  • Identification tags – Cats and Dogs need to have an identification tag attached and birds should have leg band identification tag.

Moving with pets across state lines – Local regulations

Besides the state’s regulations, there are local regulations as well. Most communities in the United States have very well organized pet control and strict regulations. These regulations are mostly concerned about keeping dogs and cats. There may be some limitations regarding the number of pets you can keep at your household. Some communities may request a special license for your pet. Of, course there will be some extra fees included there as well. The best way is to contact the city clerk for more detailed information.

Moving with pets across state lines – Transportation

Pets can’t travel on a moving truck. So there are only two ways of transporting your pet to your new destination, by air or in your vehicle.

Pet traveling by a car
When you are moving your pet across state lines in your own car you can give your pet the best care possible

If you are moving your pets across state lines by air don’t forget about transportation charges and insurance cost. If you are moving your pet in your vehicle that means you or one of your family members will have to take care of the pet during the trip. That means more preparations and more trouble.

Moving with pets across state lines – Transportation by your own vehicle

Moving your pet across state line usually means long travel. That also means that you and your pet will have to go through certain preparations before the trip begins.

When you are preparing for a move to another state you need to make sure that your moving company is going to finish your move without you interfering too much. There are great moving companies in Massachusetts that will make your move as easy as possible. That is very important because if you want to take care of your pet properly during a move you can’t worry about your stuff too.

Get a suitable transportation container for your pet

First thing you will need to do is to get a suitable carrier for your pet. Give your pet a few weeks to get to know it and it will be more relaxed during a trip.

Pet carrier is the best way of transporting an animal
Find a suitable pet carrier for your pet

Maybe your animal is not used to car travel you could take a few short trials to get it accustomed to the motion and to see how it will handle it. If you have a dog, you should teach it how to behave in a moving vehicle. If you plan to leave your dog outside of the transportation box during a car trip your dog should be calm and sitting in one place. He should not jump on windows or bark either. So your task is to teach him all this before the trip begins.

Things to prepare when you are preparing your pet for a long distance move

During a trip, you will need to make regular stops to let your dog stretch its legs. But always keep him on a leash. There are also harnesses for cats so they can make a short run too Try not to forget to provide your pet with fresh water during those breaks. Here is the reminder of items you will need to prepare when moving with pets across state lines in your car:

  • Food and water for your pet
  • Pet carrier
  • Few blankets
  • Some treats
  • Plastic bags to pick up after your pet
  • A toy for the road
  • A Leash
  • Documentation

If you are well prepared your long distance move you could easily turn this into a fun road trip. Just try to be relaxed and you will be fine. Check your animal frequently and make regular stops.