Tips for Moving with A Toddler

moving with toddlers

You may have thought that small apartment would be enough room for your new addition to the family but you quickly realized that it’s not!  Who knew a baby could have some much stuff!  If you are looking to move into a bigger home like many new families, there are some things you should keep in mind to make the move easier on your children.  It may take them some time adjusting to the new environment. Here are some tips to help them get acquainted.

Make sure they know where mom and dad sleep. It’s a given that your toddler will wake up during the night. Sometimes they will be confused and forget they are in a new home and freak out. Make sure they know exactly how to get to your room so they won’t be so scared if they do suddenly wake up from a bad dream.

Try to set up they new room with the same layout as their old room.  We realize this isn’t always possible when moving into a new home but it will help your toddler adjust to their new surroundings if they see some similarities.

On moving day, try to find a baby sitter! Trust us, when you are trying to unload all your boxes and tell the movers where to put each piece of furniture looking for the best workers comp attorneys, the last thing you’re going to want is kids running around your feet. Its safer for them, the movers and your furniture.

When you arrive to your new home, set up your toddler’s room and bed first.  At the end of the moving day, you’ll want them in their own room so you can sleep comfortably.

Good luck! And if you need help with local or long distance moves in New Hampshire, Maine or Northern Massachusetts, give Preferred Movers a call at 603-379-2272