Tips for Moving Out of Your House Quickly

Sometimes, life will throw you a curve ball and you’ll have to move unexpectedly.  Maybe your landlord decided to not renew your rent or maybe you were offered your dream job in a different city or even country! Whatever the reason, Preferred Movers can help you with your local, state to state or international move!

But in those emergencies situations where you don’t have a lot of time to plan, here are some tips for getting your move done efficiently.

  • Keep all your important documents, credit card info, bank statements, bills etc. in one box.
  • Have multiple pairs of scissors and rolls of tape on hand – This will save you time
  • Don’t put all heavy items together in 1 box – Not only will boxes be easier to carry, but you will also make it less likely for items to break during the move, visit
  • Find storage options in the new town you are moving to. During a quick move, sometimes you won’t have the time or space to bring everything.  If storage facilities are not available, Preferred Movers has storage options available!
  • Don’t forget about your pets! Dogs and cats can get really stressed out during a move.  Make sure they are properly tagged/micro chipped in case they get lost, check buntingfordtowncouncil.
  • Delegate responsibilities – It will be a lot faster if you assign everyone a job to do.  Someone packs the boxes, another moves them, and the last puts them on the truck.  Your moving experience will be a lot more organized.