Tips for moving long distance in bad weather in Maine

There is a lot to anticipate when you are moving long distance as the relocation is more complicated. When you add bad weather to the equation, it can be overwhelming. Whether it is rain, snow, too hot, or too cold, moving long distance in bad weather is stressful and complicated. Even with Preferred Movers NH by your side. So take some steps to secure safe and as easy as possible relocation, even during the bad conditions. Prepare and make the most of your moving day.

Make all the necessary preparation for the moving day

Depending on the weather you are expecting for your moving day, you should make some preparations. There won’t be the same things if it is a hot or cold day, or if it is rainy, etc. There is a lot of difference and you should prepare accordingly. It would be best to prepare in advance if you have a chance. That is if you know what the weather will be like a few days before.

rainy window
Prepare for bad weather, whether it’s hot or cold.

How to prepare for a cold and snowy moving day?

If you are moving long distance in bad weather and you can not change a moving day date, then you can make it less difficult. If there is a lot of snow, you should clear out the entryways to the house, as well as the path from the street to the house. It’s not only harder to carry things through the snow, but it is also actually more dangerous. Somebody might slip and hurt themself during relocation. Another thing to watch out for when moving long distance in bad weather is ice. If there is ice on the pavement, throw salt so it isn’t too slippery. Make relocation safe for your movers Kittery ME and yourself and place cardboard on the floor in the hallway and entryway. This will keep your floors protected from water and mud. Also, it will make an after-move clean-up easier.

If you are using packing services, you won’t have to worry about protecting your belongings, the movers will do it for you. However, if you are packing yourself, you need to make sure that you use covers for large and bulky furniture. Especially if it rains or snows, the water can damage your furniture during a long distance transport. Use plastic covers, at least during loading and unloading. Be careful with cardboard boxes as well. If they are too long in the rain, they will soak up the water for sure.

Moving long distances in good weather

Sunny days can also be difficult for relocation. Especially if it is too hot outside. Prepare plenty of beverages, water, and ice if you can. You can use a little travel fridge and keep drinks nice and cold during the move. It is most important to stay hydrated while doing physical work. Make sure that you have water for your movers York Maine as well. If there is a lot of sun, you might consider putting on sunscreen to prevent sunburns. Wear a hat and protect your head from sunstroke.

hot sun
It is not easy to move when it’s hot

Prepare extra clothes when moving long distance in bad weather

No matter if it is cold or hot, you should prepare extra clothes for a moving day. If it is hot, wear light and airy cotton clothes. Don’t wear flip-flops no matter how hot it is. It is not safe to carry heavy items barefoot.

In case it rains or snows, make sure that you have extra boots or shoes and spare clothes. It is best to dress in layers, so you will be warm and you will be able to move more freely.

Secure your belongings using whatever is handy

Be creative regarding the protection of your belongings. You don’t have to use cardboard boxes if it rains. Use plastic bins and containers for delicate items. Also, use trash bags for clothes or blankets and linens. You can use them inside the box or protect the box from the outside.

Make sure that you secure all electronic devices big or small. If the water gets through them, you will have a lot of damage to deal with. Instead, use the time to protect devices and make sure that they are nicely packed. If your moving company offers a packing service, you should use it, especially during wintertime. It is best that they pack everything. Movers know exactly how to pack your belongings to avoid or at least minimize the risk of damage.

people packing
Pack in plastic bins to protect your belongings from water damage when moving long distance in bad weather

Try to avoid setting up a moving date when you expect bad weather

When you are planning relocation during the winter or in the peak of summer, you should expect to move in bad weather. First, try to avoid scheduling your move when it is usually the worst weather. In case you have to move at that particular time, be sure to use these tips for making relocation a bit easier. Contact your long distance movers in Maine and ask for advice. Make sure that you agree with movers about the terms of your long distance move, that you are comfortable with. It is wise to get insurance for your belongings as well, whether it is good or bad weather.

Long distance transportation in bad weather

When you are moving long distance in bad weather, make sure that your vehicle is in excellent condition. Movers will transport your furniture, but if you are driving to your new place you need to inspect your car before the trip. Another thing is you should have winter equipment in the car. It is just in case the roads are snowed somewhere along the way. It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Have in mind that things don’t go as you planned. Prepare as best as you can and hope for the best.