Tips for moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME

Many people in America move on regular bases. Therefore, it’s no wonder that “moving made easier” and “packing tips” are some of the most searched topics. But what are some good tips for moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME? To help you get the answer to this question, one of the best moving companies Maine has to offer has decided to share with you some moving tips that will help you have a great moving experience.

Differences between Kennebunkport and Kennebunk

Sitting on the banks of Kennebunk River and the ocean is Kennebunk. It made a name for itself through its fishing and shipbuilding industries. As one of the wealthiest communities in Maine, over the years it developed a reputation for being a summer haven for the rich. The residence that former president George H.W. Bush had built for his family in Kennebunkport had a big influence.

Town street after moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME
After moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME there will be some differences. But the two towns are really close and at the same time similar as well.

Kennebunk is a town full of history. Home to many museums, beaches, shipbuilders’ homes as well as many beautiful nature sceneries it’s no wonder that many people are calling movers Kennebunkport ME to help them relocate here. Being a popular tourist destination has made the small town evolve. And as such now it is home to some beautiful shops, restaurants, cafes as well as hotels and so on.

A number one tip is to hire movers when moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME

One of the best tips for moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME is to hire professionals. And don’t worry! The two towns are neighbors, therefore the cost of moving with a moving company will not be big. Many movers Kennebunk ME have different services that will make your move so much easier. So don’t think about the price being high and go for it! From packing, loading into a truck, driving, unloading and so on, movers will take care of it!

Make a moving plan

Although moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME is not long distance move it will still need some basic preparation. Therefore, making a plan is essential. Make a plan for a doctor’s appointment, and while you are there take medical records. Take your pets to the vet. Call your current work, and kids’ schools and inform them as well.

Fishing net on the ground
Make a plan before you relocate to Kennebunk


This is a perfect time to declutter! Why would you bring things you don’t use or need into a new home? It’s just a waste of space and money. So, make sure to sell, throw away or donate everything you don’t need. There are many charities that will welcome you with open arms. For example, The Furniture Bank would gladly take your old furniture.

Visit your new home

Due to the two locations being close, after you arrange your moving date with Preferred Movers NH, you can go and visit your future home. Check if everything is in order. Inspect the house before moving from Kennebunkport to Kennebunk ME as well as the yard. You can even take your kids with you and get to know the town together.