Tips for decluttering your basement

So you decided to chase out the crocodile from your basement and to reclaim the space for yourself. That is a good idea especially if you need to find some new storage space in your home. And depending on the state of your basement and the stuff you have there, you will have a more or less complicated task. Many basements are in very bad shape. There is no precise information on how many basements have issues with moist and humidity but it is certainly a large number. So after decluttering your basement, you will probably want to do a renovation too. So before you start decluttering your basement you will need a good plan and strategy. If you plan to remodel your basement but it currently contains some items that you want to keep you will have to rent storage North Hampton NH to store your items.

Tips for decluttering your basement – Estimate

Before you start packing and decluttering your basement you will need a good plan. Try to precisely estimate the state of your basement and to find out whether it will require a renovation or not. That is the first thing you should do. After the estimate, you will know how much work is waiting for you and where to start first.

When you are decluttering you basement you will need a good pan in advance
Decluttering your basement requires a good plan

But no matter whether you will need a renovation or not the first thing to do is to get rid of the garbage. How to detect the thing you are not using? Look for the thickest spider web you can find. Behind it are the things you are not using. If you are not using an item for more than a year it is probably excess. And you should get rid of it.

Tips for decluttering your basement – How to do it properly

Of course, there are some items or tools that you may not be using regularly but only when the situation requires. You can spare those things, but everything else is going to trash. Here is the suggestion on how you plan should look like when you are decluttering your basement.

Plan for decluttering the basement:

  • When you are decluttering your basement the first thing you will have to do is to prepare a strategy. A good strategy is essential if you want to declutter your basement quickly and efficiently.
  • Pick up the trash. Before you start estimating the time and effort you will need to invest into decluttering your basement you will need to remove the junk. Then you can have a clear picture of the task that awaits you.
  • Go through your stuff, locate and identify the things that are in a really bad shape that you are not using. Recycle or donate everything that is possible. The rest of it is flying to a garbage can.
  • Search the internet to find moving companies with storage and packing services. You will need them in the case you have lots of excess stuff that you want to keep but you have to renovate your basement. They will pack your stuff and carry them to a storage facility.
  • Renovating or not you will have to find or make some furniture pieces that will help you to organize and keep your stuff neatly. Shelves, closets, cabinets, trunks, everything that can be used to store items are welcomed in your new and clean basement.

    You will gain lots of storage space once you clean up your basement
    You can have lots of new storage space after you finish decluttering your basement
  • Prepare storage containers and boxes for keeping your stuff safe and dry. If you have a wet basement, as most people do, you will need some special protective containers for your moisture-sensitive items. Electronic equipment, food, and clothes are more threatened than other types of items. So you will need to protect them good. Especially against moisture, dust, and pests.  If you want to find them in good shape next time you pull them out.

Tips for decluttering your basement – Get to work

So after you made a plan it is time to start following it. Pick up the most obvious junk, put it in the sturdy trash bag and remove it from your basement. After you’ve done that start with things you are not sure that you will ever need them again. If you have not been using that item for over a year it is probably ready to be removed. Follow this principle and soon you will have a large pile of excess items. While you are making a pile it would be good if you could split it into three separate piles. One pile for donating, one for recycling and the last one for trash. That way you don’t have to go through your garbage the second time when you want to separate things for recycling and things for trash.

Packing your items

Whether you want to renovate your basement or not you will have to pack your items. If you want to renovate you will pack your stuff for storing in the storage unit, and if not you will have to pack your items for long-term storage in an unfriendly environment. Besides moisture, a different threat is lurking from the dark corners of your basement.

Moisture is a big problem in basements
Basements usually have problems with moisture

Yes, you have guessed it, rats, mice, and other pests are a real danger for your precious items. And the best way to protect your items from an unfriendly environment, like the basement is, is to use sturdy, heavy-duty plastic storage containers. But remember, a basement is usually not the place to keep your fine items like a piano, for example. For that, you can hire piano movers NH and store it properly in a storage unit.

Moving company’s services you could benefit from

When you start decluttering your basement there will be a large number of items that you’ll have to deal with. So the best way to solve this is to use one of the moving services NH with packing and storage deals. And with available storage units for rent. That is the easiest way to remove your unwanted items. And to pack and carry items you are keeping to a storage unit. They will pack carefully pack your items and take them to recycling center, trash or storage unit.