Tips for a smooth summer move in New Hampshire

Moving during the summer was always popular because it is easier and more pleasant to move when the weather is nice. However, the summer weather has its ups and downs. If you plan your summer move in New Hampshire, you have to make sure that you have a detailed plan arranged with Preferred Movers NH and avoid any difficulties. Whether you are moving with your family, to a college, or for a new job, follow a few simple rules and you will have a smooth relocation.

Plan and book your summer move in New Hampshire on time

The summer is the peak season for moving companies. The first thing you need to do to have a smooth relocation is to hire your local movers NH well ahead of time. Because it is the busiest time of the year, you should expect that many people will do the same. Do not expect to hire a reliable and experienced mover a few days before a moving day. If you don’t already have a recommendation for a moving company, it is better to start with the search a few weeks or even months before the relocation. When you decide on moving company make sure that you book them on time. They will fill up their calendar very fast, as soon as the summer approaches.

a calendar with days and months
Schedule a moving day in time, because summer is a busy season for movers.

Choose your moving day date with consideration

You might think that it is the same to move on weekends, holidays or workdays – but it is definitely not! When you are scheduling a moving day, make sure that you avoid holidays and holiday weekends. Usually, it is more expensive to move on holidays and besides, you can expect more traffic in the cities. If you are considering a summer move in New Hampshire it is different to relocate to a small town or a large one, like Manchester or Nashua. It is smart to find local movers Nashua NH and book them. Larger cities are more crowded during holidays. New Hampshire also attracts a lot of tourists during the summer, so expect a bigger crowd and street traffic.

Book your relocation earlier in the day

Another problem with summer days is the hot weather. It can be quite hard to move when it is 100 degrees outside. It is similar to a humid climate, very tiring and difficult. The best you can do is to schedule your move in the early morning. That will give your movers plenty of time to finish the relocation and maybe even before the hottest part of the day.

A traffic jam
If you are moving on a work day, try to avoid rush hour.

Avoid the rush hour if it is a working day. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic and lose precious time. Depending on the place where you are living and where you will move, sometimes it is better to move on workdays. And ask for a quote for your summer move in New Hampshire so you can compare prices with other movers Londonderry NH. Don’t be surprised if you get higher prices for the summer or during the holiday move. This is one reason to start with moving plans in time and do proper research.

Choose the right type of clothes and pack essentials for your summer move

Everybody will dress comfortably for the moving day, no question about it. People tend to wear old clothes that can get dirty or torn during a move. But when you are spending the summer in New Hampshire, you should wear light, cotton clothes. Natural and light fabrics will be pleasant to your body, especially during hard and physical work. Make sure that you wear sneakers or comfy shoes. Avoid wearing slippers or similar footwear, because it is not safe. You need to wear proper shoes so you don’t trip and fall in case you are carrying some bulkier items.

Prepare a moving day essentials bag, with a couple of must-have items. Make sure to pack water bottles, sunscreen, a hat, spare clothes, and an extra towel. It is better to overpack than to forget something that you will need during the relocation. A moving day bag should also include money, a credit card, a phone charger, and keys. If you are using storage units North Hampton NH and most of your belongings are going there, pay close attention when you pack a moving day bag so you don’t forget something important. Also, you can pack everything in a portable cooler and have nicely cooled drinks in hand.

Prepare your new place for moving in

Turn on air-conditioning in your new home and cool the house down, before movers arrive. It will be easier for them to unload the truck and place everything inside if it’s not boiling inside. Don’t forget to check utilities ahead of time, in case the previous owner had them disconnected.

cool your place for summer move in New Hampshire
Cool down your new place for a smooth relocation.

Be careful with electronic equipment during the summer move in New Hampshire

Very hot weather is not uncomfortable only for people. It can be damaging to electronic devices as well. Make sure that you pack electronics properly and wait to plug them once you arrive at your new place. Allow them to cool down a little, before you plug the devices. If you have any sensitive electronic equipment, it is better to take it with you. Especially if you are moving long distances and the transport is long. Assuming you are traveling by car to your new home.

Make detailed preparations and you’ll be ready to move

Don’t let the hot summer weather get in your way. If you plan and prepare everything you will have a stress-free and smooth summer move in New Hampshire. Check the weather for your moving day and book a moving company on time and you are good to go.