Time-saving tips to consider when moving to a new office space

One of the most important things that you need to think about when moving to a new office space is time. Office relocation is difficult, complex, and it requires a lot of time – time that you cannot waste. Because in business, time is money. Of course, the easiest way to save time when moving to a new office space is to hire movers Somersworth NH; a moving company that has a lot of experience in different kinds of commercial relocations. But even with the help of the most experienced and skillful movers, there are things that you will need to carry out if you want to move quickly and efficiently. Obviously, the first thing you will need to prepare is a proper moving plan. This plan will help you not to waste any time while relocating your business.

The significance of planning when moving to a new office space

When moving to a new office space, the crucial thing is to leave enough time for preparation. Planning doesn’t require your business to stop. Moreover, it will save you a lot of time when the actual move begins. That is why long distance movers Massachusetts always advise their clients to start preparing for a move months in advance. They have seen many unorganized relocations in the past and they all waited for the last moment to start their preparations. Of course, those relocations lasted significantly longer than well-prepared ones. If you do not want to be one of those unorganized businesses, start preparing the moment the decision about the move has been made.

Office meeting
Planning is the key to a quick and successful office move

What to consider when planning an office move

Planning an office move is not that complicated. You just need to consider all the steps that you will need to make during the process. And to make a timeline that you will follow. If you have never moved an office before here is what you should think about:

  • Remove items that you currently do not use and do not plan to use in the future. This is the first thing that you need to do when moving to a new office space.
  • List all items that you plan to move.
  • Call movers Hampton NH and schedule your move.
  • Prepare packing materials.
  • Pack your office.

What to do with furniture when moving to a new office space

Removing items that you do not need anymore is the first thing to do when moving. But when an office move is in question sometimes businesses decide to change the entire layout of the company. If that is the case, it means that you need to get rid of all the furniture that you have and to get new pieces. Of course, you will first have to get new furniture. Since getting rid of the entire furniture set requires time. And you cannot afford to postpone a business because you did not replace your furniture on time. If your old furniture is in good shape, you can sell it all at once to one of the used furniture retail companies. This is the quickest solution that will also bring you some profit.

Office chairs
If you are changing your entire furniture you can sell it to one of the used furniture retail companies

Use an app to make a moving inventory list without wasting your precious time

When you finish removing old furniture, make a list of items that you will want to transfer to your new office space. Since you will be moving important and sensitive equipment, like computers, printers scanners, and important documents, it is important that your list has as much detail as possible. Write down items’ names, models, serial numbers, colors, size, weight, and write down a detailed description of their condition. This will take you some time, but it is a very important step. One of the time-saving solutions is to use one of the apps specialized for creating moving inventory lists. They will significantly shorten the time required to do this. And they will give you the possibility to add photos of items that you list.

When moving to a new office space, make sure that you schedule your movers as soon as possible

After you determine which items you want to transport to your new office, you should call your movers. Scheduling with movers Exeter NH in the last minute is not a wise decision, especially if you are moving during the peak moving season. So make sure that you call them as soon as you are done with your inventory list.

Who will pack your office?

The quickest way to pack is to hire full moving services to pack your items. But that will cost you and businesses sometimes avoid this option because of their sensitive documents and information. If you are still thinking whether to hire professionals for packing, you should know that this would significantly shorten the packing process but then, there is still the question of who will temper with your sensitive data. One of the solutions is to hire them only to pack and move your furniture, if you have much, and to pack your computers and documents on your own. If you decide to pack everything, or just part of your office on your own, do not forget that you will need time to gather packing materials as well.

Pile of papers
Companies have lots of sensitive paperwork. If you don’t want to hire someone outside of your office to pack it, you will have to do it on your own.

Speed up the packing process when moving to a new office space

When moving to a new office space, packing is something that will take most of your time. There are many important documents and papers that you will need to sort out before you begin. But you will also need to dismantle your computers and other equipment. That is why it is advisable to sort out your paperwork before you start the packing process. As you will easily lose or mix something up if you do it in a rush. As far as computers and other office equipment is concerned, the biggest problem will be cables. So to speed up the process, take photos of the cables assembly before you unplug them and you will have no problems with plugging them in later.