Things to know before renting a moving truck

Renting a moving truck can be one of the best ways to avoid high moving costs. Relocations are very expensive. Especially long-distance relocations. And hiring moving companies NH is really the best and most convenient way to move. However, this is not the best solution for people who move frequently. If you are moving every few months, for example, then spending several thousand on one move is not very reasonable.  Logically, you don’t have to move so frequently to start thinking about ways to cut those moving costs.  Luckily, there are many ways to cut your moving costs effectively.  That means paying only for the necessary. And the one and the only thing that you can’t move without is the moving truck.

Large moving truck
Choose a truck of appropriate size

Renting a moving truck of appropriate size

Before you even get to book a moving truck, you will have to find out how many items you have. This is important because of the size of the truck you are going to rent. If you already looked for moving truck rental companies then you probably realized that bigger trucks are more expensive. And you are in this because you want to save money. So your goal should be to rent the smallest truck possible. That doesn’t mean you need to pick the smallest truck in their fleet, it means that you want to find the truck in which you can perfectly fit your items. Not too big, not too small. The bigger trucks are more expensive and it is not good if there is too much empty space in the trailer. And you already know why it is not good to rent a too-small truck.

When you are using services of long distance movers New Hampshire you usually don’t think about those things. So, how to know what size of the truck will be the perfect fit?

Use online moving truck estimator before renting a moving truck

To find out which truck to rent you will have to know how many items you have to move. And it is not so difficult to do. You do not have to do any calculations, as there are some great moving truck estimators online, which will calculate the right size of the moving truck for you. You will get a list of all sorts of household items and all you have to do is to click on those that you have in your home, and the calculator will do the rest.

Truck fleet
Choose a reliable rental company before renting a moving truck

Find a reliable truck rental company

Now that you know what the right size of the moving truck is, you will have to find a good rental company and rent it. Besides the quality of their truck fleet, you will also have to pay attention to prices. Different companies have different rates and different ways of forming prices. Therefore, if you want to find a reliable but affordable option, you will have to do some online digging. The best way to find what you are looking for is to compare quotes of several reliably looking truck rental companies. But, make sure that you do your calculations right. As some will charge you per the day, some will charge you per mile. And there are few other factors that could affect the final price.  So the important thing is to be aware of all additional costs and hidden fees before you decide.

Loading when renting a moving truck

When renting a moving truck and moving on your own you should know that there won’t be a moving crew to load your items. That is entirely on you. And loading a moving truck is not an easy task. Besides the sheer weight of the boxes and furniture, you will also have to watch out on how you arrange your items.

If you have rented a perfectly sized truck, there won’t be any room for improvisation. The entire trailer must be utilized.  If you don’t arrange your items perfectly right from the start, there is a big possibility that your items won’t fit into a truck. And the worst thing is that you will realize that only when the truck is full and you are left with a few more boxes. That would mean that you would have to unload everything and to start over. So pay attention to how you are packing your items and how you are arranging them right from the start.

Also, pay attention to boxes with fragile items. Make sure that there is nothing heavy on top of them, and that they can’t move during transportation. Hiring packing services NH for this part could be a smart thing to do.

Plan your trip when renting a moving truck

Another thing that you will have to do before you get into the truck is to plan your trip. Of course, you would like to take the shortest route, but that will depend on the size of your truck. You are probably aware that you will have to watch out for power lines, low bridges, and other complications. If you will be driving a larger truck, you will also have to know where the available U-turns are. 

Moving truck on the road
Try it out before renting it

Try it out before renting it

If you never had an opportunity to drive a similar truck, maybe it would be smart to try it out before you rent it. Ask to sit in the truck to get a feel of it. Make sure that the seats are comfortable enough. Also, pay attention to the state of the truck you are renting. You want to rent a truck that looks to be in perfect shape so you don’t have problems while you are on the road alone.

Make sure that they do a vehicle check before you go

Also before you take the truck make sure that a company representative does a vehicle check. Let him go around the vehicle, make a visual inspection of the truck, and document all flaws.  If you want to, you can also take photos of visible damages before you take the truck.

Renting a truck and hiring a professional driver

With renting a moving truck, there is also an option of hiring a driver. That is maybe the best solution if you are an inexperienced driver. Driving a small or medium-sized moving truck is not so different than driving a car. But you can have real troubles with larger vehicles. That is why hiring a truck driver is the best and safest way to do it. Of course, there is still an option of hiring some professional moving companies in Massachusetts. And then you will move without any of these complications.