Things to do in the fall in New Hampshire

The legendary New Hampshire! The city where a lot of people like to come, and they all have a good opinion about this place. In the last decade, it became a place where people relocate to get a better life. New job opportunities, and a better quality of life. This is a winning combination. This state is phenomenal in any part of the year, but fall is special. And we will discuss the things to do in the fall in New Hampshire. Here you will discover something new and have an amazing time. But, before we jump to that, we must mention the importance of hiring movers. Everything will be much easier with them! You just need one of the reliable moving companies NH to help you move there smoothly!

Mountain biking is always fun! 

A lot of people around the USA love to ride a bike. This is an amazing way to stay healthy and move from one point to another fast. That is why bike lovers enjoy this state! Nature is amazing, the roads are good, and driving through this state is phenomenal. If you are a bike lover, we highly recommend thinking about driving a bike threw the state of New Hampshire. Some ski mountains will rent you bikes. Then you take the ski lifts with your mountain bike and then go down the mountain. Atkinson, New Hampshire is the place to visit on your bike. And to relocate here, you just need movers Atkinson NH to move you here.

A man with a bike next to a tree
Riding a mountain bike is always fun!

Hiking is one of the things to do in the fall in New Hampshire

When the season changes and leaves start to fall from the trees, you will see the amazing colors of nature. From green to yellow and from orange to red. Hiking in this part of the year is something that everybody needs to consider. Hiking is good for your heart and stress levels. It relaxes you and you will feel much happier. Bedford is amazing for hikers. Parks, hills and a lot of mountains to see. And for your relocation here it is a good idea to hire movers Bedford NH for the job.

Visit the waterfalls

This is hands down one of the best things to do in the fall in New Hampshire! A lot of rainfalls in autumn in this state keep waterfalls running. When you go to see spectacular waterfalls, bring a rain jacket. You will need it. Water is something that can calm you down and relax you in many ways. People can stare at the water for hours because it is relaxing and the sound that water produces can make you go to sleep. Here is what we recommend visiting:

  • Sabbaday Falls
  • Arethusa Falls
  • Glenn Elis Falls
  • Cloudland Falls
  • Flume Gorge

We also want to mention that movers Concord NH are there for everything you need when relocating. For this part of New Hampshire, they are the best.

Waterfalls are amazing and one of the best things to do in the fall in New Hampshire
Waterfall has an amazing impact on keeping our stress levels low

Find the great Moose

Near the Canadian border, you can see and find the big great Moose. These animals are very big and some of them are not afraid of humans. So, you need to be extra careful! You can go hire a guide to explore together through threw wonderful woods of New Hampshire. We recommend visiting Dixville Notch State Park. Here you can see wild Mosses and explore the wildlands of this part of America. Near Goffstown, you can also explore wild Moose. And to get here, you just need movers Goffstown NH to help you with this.

Ride first class through the Mountains

Conway Scenic Railroad organizes excursions threw North Conway. It is less than an hour round-trip. In this hour you can see and explore the wild nature of this east part of the country. There is also an option of paying for a 6-hour ride and getting a full experience. Pay for the Mountaineer on the Crawford Notch Scenic Trail ride. We promise that you won’t have a bad time and that you will return in the future for another experience of nature. This is maybe one of the best things to do in the fall in New Hampshire.

The “Kank”

If you are looking for the best experience of colors, you should go head straight to the Kank! Head up to White Mountain National Forest. Here you have a lot of different trees and plants. A lot of different species provide different colors. There are no better spectra of colors than in autumn. Go early in the morning on a weekday. Sun is low in the east and the feeling is much better because of how the sun goes through different colored leaves. If you want to settle in Londonderry, you are going to make the right choice! This is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire. Hire movers Londonderry NH to move here!

Ziplining in New Hampshire

For people who are not afraid of heights, this could be fun. Zipline raises adrenaline in your bloodstream and that makes you feel more alive. Adrenaline is a powerful hormone that many describe as the best drug ever. Some people regularly return to the zip line. And going down a zipline during autumn when the colors are wonderful is an amazing experience. If you dare to do this, it is not a bad idea at all. There is a zip line near Kingston. And if you are planning on moving here it is not a bad idea to consider movers Kingston NH. Their experience is crucial for a stress-free move.

Take a Foliage Cruise

If you want a slow and nice ride through the lake of Winnipesaukee, there is a cruise that goes almost every day. People who like peace are usually the ones who like this kind of ride. The lake contains at least 264 islands which is a lot for a 21-mile-long lake. The lake is amazing, and you will see a lot of fishermen around all year long. This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy and relax after you relocate here. If you want to settle in Manchester NH, you need an hour and a half to get to the lake. 51 miles from one place to another. A lot of people relocate here to start a new life. If you are one of them, consider hiring movers Manchester NH for the job. After that, visit the lake. You will love it.

Visit Clark’s bears

You can visit this place with your family in the fall and see trained bears. You can test your skills on the climbing tower, cool off on the Blaster Boats or Anaconda Escape Water Ride, and experience Merlin’s Mystical Mansion. A lot of fun activities to do and visit here. A lot of people return, especially the ones with toddlers and preschoolers. You have a lot of different things to do here! It is easy to get here and there are organized trips from different places.

A Bear
Visiting Clark’s Bears is one of the best things to do in the fall in New Hampshire

Cranmore Mountain and Loon Mountain

Here you can find a gondola to take you up the mountain. This part of New Hampshire is beautiful! While riding on the gondola you can see what the real colors of fall are. We have to mention that this is not for those who are afraid of heights. When you look down threw a glass floor, you will have an amazing experience or potential heart attack if you are afraid. The view is stunning. When you get to the top you have wonderful places to take a picture, sit down and enjoy the fresh air.

New Hampshire corn mazes

This is a fun activity for the family. You need to find an exit through the cornfield. It is easy to get lost in the field because it is large, and only one road leads to the exit. All others are dead ends. You need to test the pirate inside you and learn how to navigate with the sky and sun. Corn is huge and dense, so there is no way that you can see threw the field and find the exit. A lot of people get lost in the field. It is really fun to compete here. This field will test you in many ways. This is one of the special things to do in the fall in New Hampshire.

A woman in the corn maze
The corn maze is fun for the whole family!

The Saco River

Saco River is amazing in the fall because it reflects the colors of trees that stand near this river. The water is very clean and there is a lot of different fish. This is a rocky river. You will see a lot of big rocks in the water where fishes hide, nest, and eat. You will see and meet a lot of people here. There are restaurants where you can sit and enjoy food.

Haunted adventures

Ready to get scared here! People in New Hampshire take seriously Halloween. Each October, Fright Kingdom makes a home to the largest indoor haunted attraction. It is located in New England at 65,000 square feet. The Fright Kingdom is frighteningly good!  This is one of the best things to do in the fall in New Hampshire. Be aware that some kids don’t like this, and they can get easily scared. Some enjoy all this, and they wait every year to see everything again. Because New Hampshire is good in many ways a lot of people migrate here. A lot of people come from Massachusetts. When they are moving to NH from MA, they usually get help from professional movers.

House for Halloween
Halloween is a special event in New Hampshire

View from Artist’s Bluff

This is another amazing place to see and enjoy. Maybe the best view in the state. Most people will agree. People are coming here throughout the whole year, but only fall offers the best experience. This is a short easy-to-moderate hike. It comes with an enormous payoff in the end.  From the rocky edge, you have spectacular views of Echo Lake and Franconia Notch. The roads for hiking are made for people to enjoy the fresh air and relax. Because this is an easy hike, you can come here with your family and children.

What to do if you want more time to explore New Hampshire?

Moving is a difficult task, there is no question about that. Especially if you are moving a long distance. To have more time to organize and enjoy all this, we recommend that you use packing services NH to finish everything fast and stress-free. You will have more energy and time to organize visiting New Hampshire. This service is for those who don’t want to waste time packing and who are not so organized. You still need to be involved in a lot of activities! Movers don’t know what you want to pack and bring. You need to manage that task.

Minimize the stress

Moving is stressful, and you need to find a way how to cope and adapt to a new environment. One of the ways to adapt is to explore. We mentioned a lot of things to do in the fall in New Hampshire, and also the things to see. We suggest that you start with the closest to your new home and then explore the whole state. New Hampshire is going to give you an amazing experience. Wildlife, nature, cities, job opportunities. You will have everything you ever wanted here!

Movers loading a truck
Hire movers when relocating!

Moving here is a good thing

If you are reading this, that means that you have decided, or you are in a process of deciding to move here. The first thing that you need to remember is to find reputable movers for the job. Finding them is not hard if you know what you are doing and where to look. There are a lot of things to do in the fall in New Hampshire. Fall is amazing here, and if you are relocating in fall, you will see what colors nature can give us.