Things to check before signing a moving contract

As you are probably aware, leaving your signature on a document is not a thing you should do lightly. Some people who have made the mistake of not reading the contract before signing it were quick to regret it. Even horror movies have been made regarding this subject. However, it is not our intention to scare you. We only want to remind you to be cautious when your money is on the line. Even if you are sure that you have found the most reliable movers Derry NH, there are still things you should check before signing a moving contract. Luckily, all the main points will be in the text below, so make sure to keep on reading.

A woman making a phone call
As a matter of fact, you should call your movers about anything that is puzzling you.

Have a look at their official website

These days moving companies use the Internet as a means of presenting themselves to potential customers. Now, only the best ones will take enough time and effort to create online profiles and web pages that are of greater quality. Apart from looking good, the website needs to provide enough information regarding the services they offer, their contacts, as well as the online moving quote.

And be mindful of the reviews

One of the best indicators of a good moving company is a satisfied customer. If there are a lot of them – even better! So, one of the things to check before signing a moving contract their online reviews. While the company’s website is a good place to look, don’t neglect their Facebook profile, as well as Yelp. Make sure to focus on the latest reviews for most recent and reliable information. 

A man researching on his tablet
Before signing a moving contract, make sure to do thorough research.

Before signing a moving contract, make sure to get a moving estimate

This is an essential part of this whole deal. You don’t want to go into this process without the knowledge of the final price. Estimates are usually different depending on the type of move you plan on having, so make sure to have that sorted with your moving company. Some are based on the weight of the shipment, while others take the time spent on the move as a reference to the final cost. As mentioned, reputable moving companies will offer a free moving estimate right on their website. These are a fine indicator of what your final bill might look like. In addition, you should pay special attention to the type of estimate the company offers before signing a moving contract. Binding and non-binding moving quotes differ greatly.