The ultimate garage makeover ideas

If you have too many items in your garage that prevent you from parking your car, it’s time to reorganize. A well-organized garage can serve a lot of different uses. You can, for example, convert it into a warehouse, a workstation, or a cool man cave. However, your garage won’t reorganize itself on its own accord. In other words, you’ll need to do a full garage makeover. Your next alternative is contacting your trusted movers Manchester NH, and inquire about their storage services. But keep in mind that renting and maintaining a storage unit can be expensive. This should be your last resort idea, so do consider reorganizing your garage first. If done properly, it will offer you plenty of space, and look beautiful as well. To help you achieve this, we’ve prepared a few garage makeover ideas.

Start your garage makeover from the ground up

Even though it seems trivial, your garage floor experiences a lot of wear and tear over time. It sees oil spills, tools being dropped on it, items being dragged on the surface. All these facts make your garage floor the perfect starting point for the makeover. Especially if you just moved into your new home after working with experienced long distance movers in Maine. Purchase a can of epoxy and give the floor a fresh, durable coat. This way, it will resist chipping, oil stains, water damage, and it will be easy to clean. Here’s how to do it:

close up shot of a garage floor
The garage floor takes a lot of abuse over time, so it’s smart to give it some love and attention
  • Patch any holes and cracks you may find on the surface.
  • Sweep the floor, wash it with clean water, and dry it.
  • Prepare the epoxy coat and brush it evenly on the surface until it is smooth.
  • Let it dry for no less than 24 hours and apply the second coat.
  • Apply a hardener topcoat and let it dry for the next 72 hours.

Once you’re done with these steps, you will be one step closer to having the perfect garage, with a perfectly smooth floor.

Utilize vertical space with overhead storage shelves

If you have storage boxes and crates sprawled all over your garage floor, consider making more room by taking advantage of all that vertical space you have. Overhead shelves are a fantastic way of storing items you don’t frequently use. Sturdy ceiling mounts can hold up to 600 points, making them perfect for your Christmas decorations and seasonal clothes. Furthermore, it is a great way to organize everything while retaining the ability to move freely around your garage. To make it more convenient for yourself, label the different boxes with their contents, and make sure the labels are facing outwards. Keep a stepladder close by so you can reach your shelved items easier.

sorted tools after a garage makeover
Utilizing your wall space will give you ample space to move and work in

Folding workbenches are another great way to save space

Even though it is nice to have a large, permanent workbench for your garage, sometimes it can hurt your convenience. They are bulky, heavy, and take up a lot of precious space.  In this case, you should go for a foldable workbench that is mounted on the wall. They are great because they provide you with a place to work in, without the space-consuming commitment. When they are not in use, simply collapse them and be on your way. By adding small holders to the bottom of the bench, you can convert it into a wall mount for your tools when it isn’t in use. Furthermore, in case you have to pack your garage for relocation, they will be easy to detach and transport. Even though there are plenty more garage makeover ideas, these are the ones aimed at maximizing space and convenience.