The most efficient way to pack and move a home library

In this blog, were going to cover how to pack and move a home library. While this may seem straightforward, and believe me, it’s not hard, if not done properly, you can damage your books or hurt yourself. When preparing for a move, your collection of books probably won’t be at the top of the priority list. After all, books seem very easy to pack in a box. However, some books are heavy and others may be fragile.

Get your supplies to properly pack and move a home library

Strongboxes are the perfect materials for packing your books. Once you have set as many books into a box as possible, look for any holes or empty areas. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to fill in these holes. This will help you to bypass shifting during the moving process, a common cause of damage to book collections. However, before even starting with packing, it would be smart if you get in touch with providers of professional packing services. They can give you good advice or do the packing for you.

A woman searching for ways to pack and move a home library
Remember to get all the supplies that you’ll need when you pack and move a home library

If you are a book lover, organizing your bookshelves will always make you feel calm. That’s just what you need during the stress of moving. There’s nothing so ideal as an unexpected recommendation from a moving company on how to move your home library. But discovering that moving company can be hard. That’s where Preferred Movers NH comes in with various services that will surely help you.

Know the limit for your shelves

One of the greatest things about moving is that it gives the absolute motivation to clear some of those books that have been staying on your shelves. A month or two before your moving day, take a look through your bookshelves and question yourself. Whether you want to carry each book to a new place. More frequently the response will be a loud no. Once you’ve pulled a book to give away, forget about it. Moreover, in case you’re not quite sure where to donate your stuff before moving explore in detail various possibilities. And for sure you’ll find exactly what you’ve imagined.

When you pack and move a home library, organize your books by size and type

After sorting your books, and before putting them into boxes, separate them into hardcover books and paperbacks. Furthermore, within those categories, organize your books by size, shape, or color. These groupings will enable you to fit the greatest number of books into each small box. While combining paperbacks with hardcover books may seem like a good way to lighten a box, it can result in damage to the paperback editions.

An organized shelve with books on it
Try to organized your books by several categories and make it simpler for you

Nevertheless, if your books are going on a long distance move with a full-service moving company, they will be kept in boxes for an extended period. Attach a silica gel packet (packets that come in shoe boxes) to the boxes. This will absorb any moisture that could harm your books during transport. If you are packing family photo albums or other more delicate books, attach layers of stiff cardboard between each book. In that way, the spines will remain straight. Make sure that this kind of book goes into a well-padded box and that there is no way for any movement during transport. 

The key is to pack strategically and mark the boxes properly

When you get ready to pack your books, you need a strategy. Keep books that are shelved together in the same boxes. That way, you won’t be digging around for books that go together while you’re unpacking. Take some time to label your boxes in a way that makes sense to you. This will save you time and you’ll be load-free. Take photos of your shelves so you can rearrange the books in the same way when unpacking.

Mark the boxes with books as a warning to anyone lifting the box that it may be rather heavy. That’s the best way to avoid injury when packing and moving your library. If you do use bigger boxes, don’t fill them completely. Use some of the space for clothes, office supplies, or other lightweight objects. Don’t pack the box so heavy that it falls apart or cannot be lifted.

A room full of boxes
Always find the safest way to go through your relocation by hiring some pros

Why it’s good to hire a professional moving company

Each box type is designed for different household items. But unless you’ve been packing for a while, it might be difficult to decide what items should go in what box. Fortunately, you can find someone to help you out. When you are ready to move, it’s essential to properly pack and protect your items to ensure they arrive at your new location safely. If you ever decide that you need any movers to assist you during the whole process, feel free to reach out to a great team of Saco Maine movers. They would be pleased to assist you with your move.

They’re experienced long-distance movers that can handle moves both, in the country, and internationally. So be sure that by hiring a professional moving company you can gain a lot. Furthermore, you may even have some savings, and for sure you’ll save your time too. One of the biggest problems book lovers have when they move is relocating their library. And that’s where the idea of hiring professional movers comes in. No matter how many books you have, a moving company can move them. Moreover, they can pack and move a home library and take care of all your belongings. And afterward, deliver them safely to your new home.