The best cities for young artists in Massachusetts 

Every young artist at the beginning of their career wants to live in a vibrant, artistic community where they can achieve their full potential. Sometimes this kind of place can be pretty pricey for the people at the beginning of their careers. The best cities for young artists in Massachusetts are combinations of good communities, as well as the reasonable cost of living. If you are moving to Massachusetts you can explore these most popular cities for young artists.

The best cities for young artists in Massachusetts

Here you will see some of the best cities for young artists based on what they have to offer to the artistic and cultural scene. Take a look and see whether one of these places can inspire your next masterpiece. 

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There are many great places for young artists in Massachusetts

Gloucester – Cape Ann

Gloucester is a coastal city on Cape Ann, one of the oldest fishing ports in America. It is a very popular summer destination since it offers a variety of attractions for tourists and also for locals. Here you can find excellent restaurants, galleries, and historic sites. Cape Ann artisans are also an important part of the community connecting professional artists and craftsmen. Gloucester is a great choice for young artists. Explore the city first, before you contact movers Gloucester MA, and finalize your decision.

Boston – the city of firsts

Boston is well known for many first things like the first subway, public park, public school, telephone, etc. Perhaps you didn’t know that there was also the first industrial art school. Boston continued with innovations and that part made it today one of the best cities for young artists in Massachusetts. It is considered to be a highly cultured city. Boston has nearly 60 art museums as well as many art galleries. An excellent place to be at the beginning of an artistic career. 

Northampton – a cultural hub

Northampton is in Hampshire county. It is actually a town that is becoming a city.  Well known for its diverse population. Some people say that it is a mecca for artists and intellectuals. Definitely consider moving from NH to MA for Northampton, since most people in the city own their homes. Housing is very affordable and the cost of living is lower than average. Because there are plenty of artists and crafters here, you can expect fairs and art festivals – plenty of opportunities for young artists.

Near here you can find Newburyport, a charming coastal city. Tourists come here in search of good food, beaches, and art. Local movers Newburyport MA might be the best option for you if you are relocating. Always try to find local professionals because they know the area best.


Cambridge is the city, a home for two prestigious, world-known universities: Harvard University and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Needless to say that it offers a very vibrant and urban feel to younger people. Art can also be found outside campuses. A variety of artistic performances and exhibitions is found everywhere, even on the streets. In a city that welcomes so many intellectuals, art is an excellent form of expression.

Cambridge panorama
Cambridge is one of the best places for artists in the county


Becket is another city well known for its artists’ community. Here you can find numerous art centers and thanks to the large community of artists it is a great starting point for young artists.


Lenox is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It is one of the best places for young artists in Massachusetts to live in. One more place where most people are owners of their homes. It is a cultural and artistic center, a great place for both families and young people. It has excellent and highly rated public schools. There are a lot of restaurants, an excellent culinary scene and it is great for nightlife, as well. 

Lenox is surrounded by natural beauty and therefore it is attractive for both residents and tourists. If you are interested in music then Lenox should be definitely in a high place on your list.

Shelburne Falls

Shelburne Falls is not exactly a city but it deserves to be on this list anyway. It is a beautiful historic village. Because it is declared to be one of the 15 Great places in America, it is worthy of attention. The population of the village is small but the opportunity for young artists is great.


Beverly is actually a suburb of Boston. It is called the Garden city because it offers people excellent open space for numerous activities. An inspiring place for artists and tourists. Beverly has quite a number of theaters and historic sites. It offers a vibrant cultural scene with plenty of possibilities. Another advantage of living in Beverly is that you have a lot of places to spend time outdoors like parks, campsites, beaches, and hiking trails. Its low crime rate makes Beverly attractive for families as well.

outdoor painting
Beverly if perfect if you like doing your art outdoors

New Bedford

New Bedford is a city best known for its fishing fleet and whaling. It even has a Whaling museum. New Bedford was one of the richest cities a long time ago when the railroad arrived. Today it is not as rich as it was back then. However, it offers an excellent choice of restaurants and galleries. It is only a ferry ride from Martha’s Vineyards. 

The list of the best cities for young artists in Massachusetts was created based on the positive reviews from visitors and residents

This list of the best cities for young artists in Massachusetts is showing you places with the most positive reactions from its residents and visitors. These cities are all different, but the thing they have in common is culture and art. Those are cities with great neighborhoods, tightly connected communities excellent for young people and young families. They also have in common that they are affordable for living. When you are a young artist at the start of your career, income is probably the main thing you are worried about. Therefore you should explore these cities, in person if possible, and then consider what is the best choice for you.