The benefits of climate controlled storage

There are numerous benefits of climate controlled storage. But, on the other hand, there are numerous benefits of storage as it is. Climate control is just one additional perk that you need to pay an additional coin for. But the good aspect of it is the fact that you don’t really need it every single time. This means that this extra cost is driven by need, and you won’t need it every time you need storage. But when you do end up needing it – you will be happy you can have it.

The purpose of storage units is to simply store away things that you currently have no room for. This is often the case when you are relocating and there is a discrepancy between the availability of your new home, and the day you need to move out of your current one. This basically means that you are sometimes left with the necessity to store away some items, temporarily, without having to keep them in trucks, which is not the safest option. This is where storage units come into play.

However, if you have specific items that can’t be stored anywhere, you would feel the actual benefits of climate controlled storage. If you, for instance, have some wooden items that are vulnerable to external influences, you would need climate control. Also, if you have plants, for instance, those plants can’t be stored in any storage unit. Again, storage units North Hampton NH might be a bit more expensive, but if you end up needing it – it’s worth every penny.

The benefits of climate controlled storage – why should you need them?

I remember my great grandma’s wooden desk that was custom made, and that wasn’t some Ikea desk. It was made out of wood that was, in fact, very vulnerable and took some maintenance. But it was magnificent. Truly stunning. This desk, the last time I was moving long distance, needed a temporary home in the shape of a storage unit. This was the first time I felt the benefits of climate controlled storage. First, the desk could endure zero percent moisture around it, since dampness was its certain demise.

One way to see benefits of climate controlled storage is to keep furniture in it as it will keep its value that way.
Expensive furniture is susceptible to damage from external conditions like temperature so proper storage is paramount.

In a climate controlled unit, there is no such thing. Furthermore, I could set it to ‘room temperature’ and make sure that the desk will be in pristine conditions. Thanks to all of this, of course, no harm ever came to it. But, as mentioned before, these are specific items with specific needs. If you were to store some less fragile items, renting a climate controlled storage unit would be a great overkill. And a very expensive one, at that. First, make an assessment of what you need to store. So, before you start thinking about what kind of a storage unit you need, you know your needs. If you are storing bags of clothing, a bicycle and some pottery – a climate controlled storage unit is not something you need.

But if you are storing fragile items, that need very specific conditions to maintain their current state. Then too, you will understand the benefits of climate controlled storage.

Contact us if you are unsure

Our professionals have years of experience in addressing the needs of our clients. Throughout these years we have seen it all. This is why we understand that a lot of our clients are at a crossroads, not being sure what type of a storage unit they need. Some need ordinary ones, other’s need high-security ones while you might need a climate controlled one.

Usually people who wait too long to call the professionals end up paying more, so don't wait too long.
Don’t wait to call the professionals. Not only can one call answer a lot of your questions, but you might get a sweet deal on storage.

Whichever the case may be, you should give us a call and explain what it is that you wish to store, and for how long. Our kind agents will gladly hear you out and offer some advice that may be helpful with the decision you need to make. We do not want you to rent climate controlled storage if you don’t really need one. It would be an unnecessary waste of money. So, before you make any final decisions, make a list of all the things you need stored and give us a call. We will discuss and offer some insight and advice that might help you reach a decision.

The benefits of climate controlled storage – storing houseplants

One of the most frequent cases and one that should be a no brainer is storing houseplants. This is, by far, the most common case we ever had. To answer the question before you even ask it – 99 percent of houseplants need a climate controlled storage unit if you wish to find them in the pristine conditions you left them in.

You can be worry free when you leave your plants in a storage that is controlled because your plants will be living on.
If you don’t have a place to keep your house plants during the move, storage with climate control is a great option

Plants are living beings, lacking better words, and each plant will need specific conditions in which they live. Most fundamentally, they might need room temperature, as this is the temperature that they live in your home. No ordinary storage unit can offer such conditions, and there is a good possibility that your plants may suffer otherwise. This way you will be absolutely certain that they will be staying in perfect conditions. There are some plants that are resilient to everything, but most of them require light and temperature that is normal for their needs. Sometimes house plants need special care when moving, so if you are unsure how to prepare them for the move consider calling packing services NH. They will give you great advice on how to properly handle them, otherwise, they can do the work in your stead.

Countless items need climate control

Still, there are numerous items that require climate control. Everything that has financial or emotional value to you should have the best conditions money can buy, and you shouldn’t save on that. It is simply not worth the risk. We are willing to help in determining which items need what, but if it ends up that your items need climate control, you shouldn’t save on it. It may be a bigger investment, but it is worth it. You will certainly not regret it. None of our customers ever did.

Go online and research what type of items people store in climate controlled units. Maybe it will give some more insight on the matter. You can then decide if it is something that you truly need. Maybe it’s not necessary in your case and it’s an expense that you can live without.