The appeal of moving to Windham, NH

Have you ever thought of moving to a small and peaceful place? Most likely you did! Eventually, most of the people get tired of fast and rushy lifestyle in the big cities such as New York, Chicago or Miami. If you want to move to someplace nice and quiet but still want to be close to the big city, moving to Windham NH might be the best idea! We will provide you with an overview of Windham qualities, from its family values through transportation and schools, all the way to the economy! Let’s get started.

Moving to Windham NH – family-friendly place!

Moving to Windham NH is a very good idea, especially if you have kids. Windham has a lot of places to visit such as museums and wonderful parks. There are plenty of activities to do, with or without kids. And not only that! There are wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. If this sounds appealing to you, start packing and get ready to move to Windham NH as soon as possible!

However, in order to avoid moving stress, you will have to hire the best movers Windham NH to assist you with the move! A professional mover will pack and relocate your belongings fast and safely! Now, let’s see what do you need to know about Windham NH before you decide to move in!

  • Windham NH – Good place to start a family!
  • Population
  • Costs of Living
  • Economy
  • Transportations
  • Schools
Mom holding a baby and smiling.
Windham! Best place to settle down and start a family!

Windham NH – Good place to start a family!

Windham NH is a small residential town, located in New Hampshire, USA. The total population of Windham goes a little bit over 14 thousand. This is a very quiet, family-friendly town. It also has lovely neighborhoods, great education, a lot of things to do with your family and wonderful places to visit. However, if you like visiting parks and enjoying nature more, visit some of the Windham parks. The most famous ones are Griffin Park, Don Ball Park, Windham Town Forest and Field of Dreams! Since it’s quiet and peaceful, it is a lovely place to start a family and a new life!

Population In Windham NH

The population in Windham is a little bit above 14 thousand, to be exact, the number is 14.334. Population density is 535 people per square mile. Almost 64% of people in Windham are married, 9% divorced, 41% married with children and 7.5% have children but are not married. See, it’s a lovely family-friendly town, you will love it! Whether you are moving locally or making a long distance move, Windham NH is a great place to live and you won’t regret it!

  • The U.S median age is 37.4 – Windham median age is 42.7
  • The average people per household in the U.S is 2.6 – People per household in Windham is 2.8
  • Races in Windham 93% White, 0.5% Black, 4.0% Asian and 0.3% claim Hispanic Ethnicity

Costs Of Living

The only thing that is kinda way higher than in the rest of the U.S is household price. The median price for a house in the United States is around 219 thousand dollars. If you want to buy a house in Windham, the average price will be around 447 thousand dollars. The rest of the costs are more or less the same as everywhere else in the United States. Groceries, utilities, and transportation costs are almost the same as the median price in the rest of the United States. However, health costs will be a little bit less than the median health costs in the United States but the difference is not that big.

American dollars.
Only the household price is way higher than the median price of the household in the United States. The rest of the costs are more or less the same!


The average unemployment rate in the United States is 3.9%, in Windham, the unemployment rate is a little bit less than that, 3.0%. The job market in Windham also increased by 2.1% over the last year. The future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be around 33.1% while the average job growth in the United States is 33.5%.

Tax rates, income, and salaries in Windham:

  • The average Sales Tax rate in the U.S is 7.3%. Windham has no Sales Taxes!
  • The average Income taxes in the U.S is 4.6%. Windham has no Income Taxes!
  • The U.S. average salary per resident is 28.555$. Average Income per year in Windham is 51.810$.
  • The median household income in the U.S per year is 53.500$. The median household income in Windham is 112.000$ per year.


Since 2010. American commute has been getting longer each year. The average commute in the United States is 26.4 minutes while average commute in Windham is a little longer and it’s around 31.4 minutes. So, how do people get to their jobs from Windham? Around 82.2% drive their own car alone, 4.7% population carpool with others, 10.9% work from home and only 1.3% use mass transit system.


You will love the education system in Windham. If you haven’t moved yet, get boxes and packing supplies fast and get ready to relocate to Windham! Even though the education is a little bit more expensive comparing to other median prices in the United States that schools spend per student, you can be sure that your kids will get good degrees and find a great job after. Windham has 8 schools. Five schools are public and three out of those eight are private. Schools in Windham spend around 14.281$ per student (the average in the United States is 12.383$ per student). There are 307 children per counselor, 706 students per librarian and 15 pupils per teacher!

Windham has 706 students per librarian, 307 children per counselor and 15 pupils per teacher!

Moving to Windham NH – Hire Professional Mover

If you want to settle down, start a family but also to start a new life with your little family, moving to Windham NH is a very good idea! However, in order to go through the moving process without any problem, you should hire a professional mover and get their moving services NH. Every professional moving company has a license and well-trained workers. They will also send a team to your house for inspection. After that, they will calculate the cost of your move. A professional moving company also has a lot of moving services to offer. Some of those services are:

  • Packing and Proper Labeling
  • Commercial and Residential Moving Services
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Moving to Windham NH will change your life. The quiet and peaceful little town is a perfect place to settle down and also, start a family However, in order to avoid moving stress, you should definitely hire a professional mover to assist you with your move. We wish you all the best! Good luck!