The advantages of plastic moving bins  

If you are moving or you are planning to pack your items for storage at one moment you will come into a dilemma what type of boxes to use. Obviously, cardboard boxes look like the easiest and most convenient solution. And in most cases they are. On the other hand, plastic moving bins have few advantages that may force you to change your mind. Especially if you are packing on your own. The packing process is the number one thing that makes moving so stressful and demanding. And one of the advantages of plastic moving bins is that they can simplify that process. So, if you decided to single-handedly prepare your items before your movers Bedford NH arrive, think about plastic moving bins as one of the ways to ease that process.

Durability is one of the first advantages of plastic moving bins

Of course, when the word it around plastic moving bins and their advantages, the first thing that will come to everyone’s mind is their durability. If you have ever moved before, you know how easy it is to damage a cardboard box.  And during a move, there will be many occasions for that to happen. Even if you devoted enough time to find the best possible moving company, like long distance movers New Hampshire, boxes will go through much stress before they arrive at your destination.

It is not much big of a deal if you are only moving your clothes for example. However, if you are moving your fragile dishware or some sensitive electronic equipment then the durability of your box could be important.

Of course, not only that plastic moving bins will protect your items, but their durability gives them the ability to carry much more weight than cardboard boxes. And there is no danger of your boxes being crushed if you need to stack some heavier items on top of them.

Stack of plastic moving bins
There is no danger even if you put a lot of weight on them

Plastic moving bins protect your items from harsh weather conditions

If you are moving during a raining season, plastic moving bins could be a lifesaver. What will you do if you packed your items in cardboard boxes and you are waiting for your local movers NH to arrive when it suddenly starts to rain? Of course, there are ways to make your cardboard boxes waterproof, but it requires time, effort and some preparations.  That is why if you are moving during a rainy period of the year, the easiest solution is to use plastic moving bins with sealable lids. This will ensure that your items, especially sensitive electronic equipment stay dry and functional.

Plastic moving bins simplify your packing process

If you have ever packed on your own, you how much time and effort it requires. One of the things that you will have to do before you start packing is to assemble your cardboard boxes. And you will have to disassemble them after you unpack. And not only that, after unpacking your cardboard boxes you will have a lot of cleaning to do.

On the other hand, there are no such problems with plastic moving bins. They will simplify and speed up your packing process, as you do not have to assemble and disassemble them. And if the inability to disassemble the looks like a downfall, remember that they can fit into each other, so you can easily stack them without taking too much space.

Stacked plastic crates as one of the advantages of plastic moving bins  
You can stack them easily

One of the advantages of plastic moving bins is that you can rent them

And when it comes to space, the good thing is that you can rent plastic moving bins for your move. With cardboard boxes, you either have to find the place to store them or you have to find a way to get rid of them. And after the move, you will have many boxes that you have to disassemble and deal with. If you have enough storage space in your home then it may not be such a problem. But many people don’t have that commodity. So they have to think about what to do with dozens of used cardboard boxes.

One of the easiest solutions may be recycling, but you still have to put some effort into doing so. With rented plastic moving bins, on the other hand, you do not need storage space and you don’t have to do practically anything. After you unpack, you just have to stack them and wait for your movers to pick them up.

Storing your precious items in humid conditions

If, for example, you have a wet basement in which you are storing your items then you probably know how moist affects cardboard boxes and items inside them. And it doesn’t take too much time for the cardboard boxes to pick up the moist. Of course, it depends on the level of humidity but sometimes a few days are enough. After that, your items begin to feel it too.  In this case, plastic moving bins are your only solution. Of course, they have to have sealable lids or otherwise, it won’t work. And the good thing is that they can keep your items dry for as long as you want. Plastic moving bins will last forever.

Rusty tank in wet basement
Things deteriorate quickly in wet conditions

Keeping your items safe from dust

Even if you rent a storage unit in storage North Hampton NH you will still have problems with dust. Of course, plastic moving bins with lids will protect your items from dust too. Maybe it seems that cardboard boxes can do that too. But they need to be in perfect condition to do so. If they are already bent, crooked, or punctured then they are not a good protection against dust. And, some items are especially sensitive to dust particles. Especially electronic equipment.

One of the advantages of plastic moving bins is that they protect your items from pests

Storing your items for longer periods, either in a storage facility or in your garage or basement, always carry the danger of pests destroying them. Of course, your worst enemy is rodents like rats and mice. They can easily chew through anything, but they seem to have a problem with plastic. And that is another of the advantages of plastic moving bins.